1. [HORDE GUILD] The Last Contribution 'HARDCORE' PVE/PVP

    <Last Contribution> is THE guild for fresh players & upcoming raiders. We're a heavily dedicated & active self-considered 'hardcore' PvE/PvP guild which is currently farming T4 content with multiple cores & variable raidtimes to progress further.
    - a guild advert you may have seen before, as our recruitment is dramatically active
    And it's rewarding, in a short time frame (3 weeks) we managed to set up an amazing 25m core, 2 smaller Karazhan cores and right now we're building the third.
    We're young in progress - as stated, our recruitment priority lies with the fresh and upcoming players mostly.
    But at the rate things are going we expect to have converted LOTS of those fresh players from T4 to T5 in less than a month, with our first 25m core complete and a daily income of veterans to join our ranks it's a small matter of time to equalize our progress with most other guilds on Outland.

    "We realise our goals and we know how to reach them"

    If everything goes by schedule, it's also a small matter of time for us to be considered one of Outland's top guilds.
    You can be a part of us.

    PM Simonis in-game for information or to apply.
    Edited: October 12, 2017

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