1. [A] <Phoenix> (NA) Recruiting all exceptional players.

    Phoenix is a guild created by all the NA player refugees who left ascend after the guild disbanded. As a new guild, we have already cleared all T4 content and are looking for more members to bolster our roster as we venture into T5.

    Our current raid times are 6 PM PST-10 PM PST. Kara's are done in 2 groups during the week either on Wednesday or on weekends. 25 man raid days are currently Sunday's and Monday's. We're looking for players who are dedicated and consistent. We value players who put in the time to improve their characters during off days, and players who are showing up to every raid prepared and with a good attitude. This is much more important to us than player skill.

    If any of this interests you at all, feel free to contact any of our officers below.

    Edited: October 29, 2017 Reason: updated information.

  2. T4 cleared last week, still looking for some more raiders as we prepare for t5!

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