1. LFG for Weekend raiding

    Yo, i have some character for raiding at the weekends... :)

    400ilvl Blood dk (Horde)
    around 380-390ilvl ARMS Half PVP Warrior want to gear up for PROT! missing few item from rhot for the tank gear... (HORDE)
    Guardian druid (376ilvl - 6/8 DS norm cleared) - (ALLIANCE)

    I didn't play for a while so i can make mistakes... need to make new keybinds etc... :) have to get used to bugs once again.. :)
    I'm looking for FL and DS Semi HC runs at the beginning... after full hc :)

    I have seen what Bull and the other veterans made a few month ago from PVP side... :) I hope we can make it in PVE also... and get some extra player!
    PM me for char names... :) See ya ingame!

    PS: planning to level up a prot pally also... :)

  2. I hope u can find 5man dungeon atleast idk about 10man raid tho , i wish u best of luck !

  3. moved my dk already to alli side, donated hc rare ring, trinket... :) hope the server get enough for keep it up... :D

  4. Doesnt matter where u send ur dk horde doesnt have people , alliance has ******s ,its better to spend ur coins on a different server .

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