1. Is there any PvE guild horde or alliance side ?

    This section of the forum looks dead, "the ascendants" which is the only pve guild recruitment thread is dead too, so here is my question : is there any guild still alive doing some raiding, at least 10man, on this realm ?

    There was a lot of news on the main page of the website saying that SoO is very well scripted, so I can't understand why the pve side is dead there.

    1400 players is more than enough to manage some pve guilds. Back in Vanilla live servers had like 3K people and there was plenty of 40 man raiding guilds.

  2. There are two hardcore PvE guilds in both factions - The Sanctuary (Horde) and Stormborn (Alliance). Besides that again there are few others PvE guilds on both factions. On horde side there are more "pug" raids but overall the PvE side of the game is equal for both Horde and Alliance.

  3. Well on horde side only serious English speaking pve guild is The Sanctuary with good Soo hc progress.
    Other non English good pve guilds that raid Soo are: Sober (Lithuania) , Rigor Mortis and L e g a c y (Italy) , Showtime (Latinos) , The Eternal Soulmate (not sure where they are from), Gerakan Bawah Tanah (Indonesia) and there is also one Spanish guild, they were only raiding ToT and are going to try Soo now.
    Some other english guilds that tend to make some lower mop raids ( ToT and lower) are: The Bambit, Memento Audere Semper, Criminal Gangsters. But there are lot of pug raids and raid finder is quite active on horde side.

    And on ally you have only 2 large English pve guilds, The Stormborn and Elysium. They just do everything inside their guilds so you can't often see some pug raid on ally side and they don't really make raid finder groups.

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