1. This guy knows.
    Yet, what do you know about life, huh?
    Far more than the vast majority of people, yet simultaneously almost nothing at all. Furthermore I've only shared genuinely valuable and useful knowledge (which isn't readily available) with two people in this world, so you'll never know what I actually know about anything, the closest you'll get is stuff like the posts above which, despite containing some basic knowledge which anyone not entirely stupid can derive for themselves. Such basic and obvious spewing is primarily the result of boredom and laziness on the train.

  2. after "derive for themselves" should be: ", are essentially worthless by-products of time wasting, perhaps with a touch of manipulation thrown in."

  3. Note this reasonable post.
    - The fact that prices will not drop the full 50% I supported with data previously.
    - For example, I have 13M gold at the moment. How the f. am I supposed to spend it in 2 months? Buying scout cookies?
    - Ingame or on-site gold dump would be much more practical. Players like me would act as gold sinks and would get... silly outfits?
    -You certainly could spend it in 2 months. It would make more sense to keep it and let it be halved though.
    -It would be much more practical for whom? Warmane already have a tested method for halving gold; it certainly isn't more practical for warmane.

    Admittedly I would also prefer the silly outfit etc gold sink, but I haven't deluded myself into thinking it's anything other than the one and only thing it is: "what I would preffer".

    I would ask you what you know about life at this point... if I weren't pretty sure you have little knowledge which would be new and of any value to me. However I will admit that you do seem to be a fair bit more intelligent than average (vastly more so than average warmane average). Congratulations.

  4. Yeah, like they did last time. jk. I'm looking for an official staff response.
    thats exactly what they did last time!

  5. Mmm, I remember last squish, and ye, it worked. Because for exampled PS cost like few K back in days, but after gold squish it started to cost 900 gold ~ and by this day, u can check AH it still cost 900 gold ~ I don't see any reason to do gold squish again...

  6. Mmm, I remember last squish, and ye, it worked. Because for exampled PS cost like few K back in days, but after gold squish it started to cost 900 gold ~ and by this day, u can check AH it still cost 900 gold ~ I don't see any reason to do gold squish again...
    People will spend more coins on trade and stuff

  7. Let me get this straight. You take half of the gold away from players and then wonder why there's a market for gold sellers? Gold squish CREATES a market for them. This is the opposite of what would drive down gold sales. You are helping the gold sellers.

  8. Another gold squish.. smh.. i have been working hard to get gold and i even come to the point that i was donating to buy gold from the market and all i get is another gold squish. I really feel it's not worth it. People, like me, will lose interest in playing.. well, just saying.. I really hope Warmane will think about alternatives and consider legit gold earners, too. Cheers!

  9. Find those gold sellers with AI track stuff and bann them, sounds simple tho.

  10. Greetings Warmane community,

    Beginning this year we've done a gold squish, cutting 50% of all gold across all systems, characters, storage and such. This brought out great results in our analysis and we believe doing it on a yearly basis benefits the economy greatly.

    With all of this in mind, we have concluded that all realms will receive a gold squish of 50% on January 4, 2018 giving players, once again, our usual warning and plenty of time to use up their reserves before we commence the adjustment of the economy.

    What this means is every piece of gold that exists in circulation, be it in the character's inventory, mailbox, guild bank, website trading system or otherwise, will be simply halved. Exactly as it was done last year too.

    As you probably know, our rules prohibit sale of in-game goods via third-party, services. In most cases where players take part in such transactions, they end up losing their accounts, characters or worse, their personal data is obtained and sold to other more menacing third parties. We have done much in the past to combat this, from banning certain VPNs, implementing complex logging systems to procure the gold sources in such transactions and we, of course, have staff monitoring the global channels across our realms and we believe we have succeeded in countering a lot of this over the past few years.

    We have also taken a stride in implementing yet another counter-measure, an artificial intelligence driven bot that detects gold seller spam, and dispenses swift punishment whilst also learning over time of the many patterns culprits reside to using.

    Meet Jin, an artificial intelligence driven chat bot, which identifies gold spam (no matter how hard it is ciphered with non-latin characters), and learns over time to combat new attempts of gold selling.

    The bot has been active for a few months now and it will only get better. With this, including a lot of internal staff effort on our side and many other measures we have, we hope to create an environment where no such game interruptions, as we consider them that way, will exist.

    Kind regards
    How many more people you want to keep telling you that the gold squish isn't a good idea now? Been over 26 pages.

  11. How many more people you want to keep telling you that the gold squish isn't a good idea now? Been over 26 pages.

  12. So I've been working hard trying to save up for my epic flying mount...and now you are going to take away half of my gold before I can make enough to buy it and start me way at the beginning. That's a really ****ty thing to do to the rest of us that are not gold sellers/buyers. It's kind of putting a crimp on me even wanting to stay here if this is what happens to all the time and effort I put into things.

  13. gold sellers are spamming /yell in cities to avoid detection

  14. gold sellers are spamming /yell in cities to avoid detection
    I seriously doubt that the server is trying to focus on gold sellers. I think they just want to vanish 50% of the gold from the realms so that they can force people to buy gold from their shop with actual cash. They probably don't even care about the 90% of actual players who are affected by this squish and aren't even the problem.

  15. The gold squish might create an interesting scenario. Let's assume there's just three things you can do with gold.
    1. You can spend it on stuff. The cost at which you acquire the item will not be cut by 50%.
    2. You can save/hoard it, only to see it being cut by 50%.
    3. You can give some of it away.

    Option 1: Spend it on stuff.
    Say you have 20k. You spend 10k of your gold on stuff you could resell. The gold squish comes and you lose 5k instead of 10k. In addition, you have 10k in assets that you could potentially resell later.

    Option 2: Save/Hoard it/Make as much as possible before squish.
    Your position will be 50% less, regardless.

    Option 3: Give it away. Giving (in any economy) is a thing of beauty.
    You have 500k gold. Five of your guild mates are at 1k gold, trying to save for flying or whatever. They can't afford it. Squish is imminent.

    Before the squish happens, you decide give 2x the amount that your friends have. Their gold amount is unaffected by the squish, and you can still take advantage of the squish, just because of your buying power and/or ability to take advantage of AH just days prior to the squish.

    You are 50% poorer, but your guild mates are not worse off...

    The gold squish is coming whether you like it or not...

    What matters is how you react to the squish.

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