1. [H] <Y I K E S> NA - PVE Guild

    OUR VISION: To create a competitive, fun environment for those who wish to enjoy the raid content of the good old days in World of Warcraft, without the necessity of playing every day.

    What you can expect from us: A competitive, mature, and friendly environment, in which teamwork & personal accountability are at the core of our philosophy. You will enjoy a drama-free environment as well as the perks of playing with skilled players, and experienced leadership. A well organized and efficient raid that utilizes a fair and impartial loot council in a manner that gainfully benefits the raid team for rapid progression.

    What we expect from you: Mature, friendly, patient, respectful, and skilled. You are the type of player who puts forth your best effort, works well in a team environment, and keeps a level head if things don't go according to plan. You help other guild members, even if it is of no benefit to yourself, in the interest of furthering the guild's progression. You research upcoming encounters and utilize consumables to perform at your maximum potential for raid progression.

    Guild Language: ENGLISH

    RAID SCHEDULE: Monday & Tuesday 9PM EST - 12PM EST (1 AM Server Time - 4 AM Server Time)

    LOOT SYSTEM: Loot Council

    HOW TO APPLY: You may whisper/mail any online guild member for an in game interview to discuss your interest in joining
    <Y I K E S>.

    RECRUITMENT STATUS: Limited - Truly exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of currently listed roster needs

    - Druid - Restoration: CLOSED
    - Druid - Feral (Tank): CLOSED
    - Druid - Feral (DPS): CLOSED
    - Druid - Moonkin : CLOSED

    - Priest - Holy: CLOSED
    - Priest - Discipline: CLOSED
    - Priest - Shadow: CLOSED

    - Paladin - Holy: CLOSED
    - Paladin - Protection: CLOSED
    - Paladin - Retribution: x1

    - Shaman - Restoration: CLOSED
    - Shaman - Enhancement: CLOSED
    - Shaman - Elemental: x1

    - Rogue - Combat: CLOSED

    - Mage - Fire: x1
    - Mage - Frost: CLOSED
    - Mage - Arcane: CLOSED

    - Hunter - Beast Mastery: CLOSED
    - Hunter - Survival: CLOSED

    - Warlock Demonology: CLOSED
    - Warlock Destruction: CLOSED
    - Warlock Affliction: CLOSED

    - Warrior - Protection: CLOSED
    - Warrior - Fury: CLOSED
    - Warrior - Arms CLOSED

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