1. Headless Horseman

    Hey guys, for the last 2 days when Iíve done the headless horseman event in SM-GY with 4 other people doing the daily, NOTHING has dropped out of the loot-filled pumpkin for ANYONE. Surely this is bugged ? I mean not even a single EOF or anything else.
    It should be called no-loot-empty- pumpkin......
    Please fix this

  2. out of 5 kills, I got a pet I already had, and some group members got nothing. I understand removing eofs from the bag but it does feel like everything else got their drop chance reduced too.

  3. The rates should be higher for the Masks at least...

  4. Yesterday I got 4 EOFs, today I got nothing. But I am grateful anyway. It's better than having leeching scumbags scam people for 100% EoF drops.

  5. Looks like they removed mount drops with eofs....

  6. So what happened with the Loot-Filled-pumpkins? From 100% EoF drop, to 99.999% now chance that they are empty it's kinda harsh transformation...
    Ok, remove the EoFs, but why lower the drop of the other items that can fill the pumpkin bag, lol?
    "Let's remove all items that can drop in the bag, so people will go donate and spend on the Store", is this what happened, Warmane?

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