1. 08/12/2017
    6/6 SSC 3/4 TK

    Looking for:
    Blue Power Rangers (1x RShaman OR 1xEnha)
    Tree (Rdruid)

    Exceptional Protection Warrior
    Exceptional Protection Paladin
    Exception Hunter
    Exceptional Mage

    Rest exceptional classes encouraged to apply as well!

  2. Protection warrior 2.9k gs with full Frost Resistance set is looking for a new guild to call my home. I'm quite a veteran WoW player well versed in many classes and tanked TBC raids in retail as a tankadin, that was about 10years ago. I play private servers now for the nostalgia and I enjoy being a tank. I don't mind if I'm a MT or an OT for a guild, but I want to be part of the pregression of a guild. Pst for more info :)

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