1. TBC : Leveling characters with Multibox


    I have questions on Multiboxing on TBC Realm.

    What is the best way to level ? I assume it's quests, but do any of you have quests lists that would suit multiboxing ? (I would exclude "gather X items" type of quests)
    How do you handle -when playing composition of different classes- class-specific quests ?

    Finally, based on your experience, how long does it take you to level from 1 to 70 ?


  2. Best way to level is via q.
    I did 1-70 on my locks 30 hours.(when it was x 7)
    I did 1-70 on my priests 27hours.(when it was x 7)
    I did 1-70 on my hunters 23 hours (x5)

  3. Thanks for your answer.

    I was considering to modify the add-on leveling guide I found on this forum (i guess) by removing every quest that was not "go to X" or "kill X stuff".
    But do you have any resource to help you quest, or do you just do it like you feel it ?

    Do you skip some type of quests ?


  4. Alliance only

    Start area>lv 13
    Redridge mountains>lv 20
    Duskwood>lv 27
    Menethil>lv 30
    Arathi Highlands>lv 32
    Southshore>lv 35
    Arathi Highlands>lv 37
    Southshore>lv 38-39
    Any random quest that will bring you to lv 40
    Tanaris>lv 43
    Hinterlands>lv 47
    Searing Gorge>lv 50
    Felwood + Winterspring>lv 58
    Outland-ez mod brah.

  5. Don't forget about the cloth rep vendors. They help out a lot with xp when you are tired of questing or like stated above "Any random quest that will bring you to lv 40". I know some collection quests are a huge pain to complete, but a lot of others are easy when you turn broadcast on and loot the corpse with all the chars at the same time.

  6. Hey,

    I forgot to thank you both for the tips.
    For your information, after leveling the 5 shamans (easy mode) and gearing through normal/heroics after I replaced one of them with a prot pala, I am now gearing a second team of 5.

    After both groups are geared, I will go an try for Karazhan !

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