<YAMAHA> started out as a group of swedish players that wanted to experience tbc together that didnīt start during servers release. Few weeks ago the guild succeeded of clearing all bosses from Karazhan. After that <YAMAHA> opened up recruitment for new players to join and went international. During these last few weeks guild population has risen a lot, from 11 lvl70 players to 46 lvl70 characters. At the moment we are doing dungeons on normal and hc and doing karazhan with two groups. More than a handful of new players are leveling their characters as well.

These last few weeks have included a lot of organizing within officers ie. Loot distribution system, guild bank rules, group calendar stuff, raid times, getting to know all the people etc. Nothing has been set on stone yet, but the spirit of the group is high and a lot of effort is being put for organizing 25man raiding in future. We are having fun in Kara for now, but there is a goal set for 25man raiding when we reach sufficient amount of active people and gear. There are few guilds on the server that has progressed way further than we have, but if you want to experience tbc PVE from the start and progress trough it from the start, I myself believe that we do have a reasonable chance of doing that soon. The most appreciated aspect of a player for <YAMAHA> are good manners, everything else after that are bonuses.

If you would like to join our ranks, contact any player of the guild and ask for a officer. We are not "only lvl70īs and 25man raiding" guild so feel free to contact us if you just want to experiene dungeons, or social aspect af playing tbc. If your most important goal for the game is to attend raiding, finding a raid spot with a tank might be hard sometimes, but that doesnīt mean we refuse to invite more tanks to the guild.