1. Introduction of Solo Queue

    Hello Warmane Players and Staff,
    In this topic i would like to spark a discussion about introducing Solo Queue arenas on our Icecrown server. So what do i mean by "Solo Queue arenas"?

    In a TLDR format, its a system which allows playerbase to queue as a solo character for an arena game. After accepting to enter, the script looks for 1 or 2 more partners, then checks for matching opponents with similar solo rating and when its done; arena game begins. We already have a really good system that has been introduced on Blackrock realm that basically explains everything by itself (go check it out to see how it works), the scripts are already here.
    There are many benefits to introducing this additional activity to the playerbase of the Icecrown realm:
    - Unlocks a new mode for people that love arenas - especially 3vs3 that has been not too active on our server,
    - Would allow to flow players that are fully geared away from battlegrounds to a more skill heavy environment - which people with new gear will appreciate greatly,
    - New players, that look for a good, popular server with active pvp will see the new mode attractive for them (the old arena-tournament excitement will emerge): advertisement value.

    So why to not just play on Blackrock for solo queue experience? Lets be honest, the server is not doing well these days, the queues take long time on certain parts of the day especially with high rating. I personally feel like the mode is getting wasted by being exclusive to Blackrock realm, let our cool characters from Icecrown have som' solo q fun too!

    Optimally the Solo Queue experience would be locked behind a GS entrance just like heroic dungeons are to prevent people with 3k GS getting 3shot by better equipped ones. So what do you think, are there any difficulties or troubles that i am missing which prevent the idea from seeing light? Lets hear your opinions.

  2. This would be very fun. It shold use reslience instead of gs to filter players tho imo. Or somesort of formula that uses both.

  3. I'd go with this. 5v5 is dead anyways and you'll most likely get banned if you do it even when you don't wintrade. So using 5v5 bracket for 3v3 SoloQ is a lot better option imo.

  4. Yes please.
    And put the que npc somewhere where there aren't a lot of people like; exodar, silvermoon as to not disturb those who scream: "it's not blizzlike" as no one ever goes there.

  5. Yes please.
    And put the que npc somewhere where there aren't a lot of people like; exodar, silvermoon as to not disturb those who scream: "it's not blizzlike" as no one ever goes there.
    No right to scream about "it's not blizzlike" with T-mog shoved up in our faces.

  6. Sounds fun. Some toxicity is sure to come with it though (just like on Blackrock). Unlike BGs a loss in SoloQ arenas translates to a loss in rating and damage to your ratio. A rating and ratio that is publicly visible and, if intended to mirror Blackrock, unclearable til the end of the season. The average player thinks they're "good" so a loss *can't* be their fault even if they had situational awareness and reflexes on par with a potato that match. They don't have a social attachment to their partners like most players typically do in an arena setting, so exchanging angry "kys"s via PM isn't an issue. It'll be interesting to see how many racism/harassment temp-bans come out of it should it be implemented. I'm not putting this up as an argument against implementing SoloQ. It's just an observation.

  7. You should have posted this in realm suggestions. But yeah something like this is definitely needed for 3v3 and 5v5. Getting above 1000 rating is nearly next to impossible due to lack of players.

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