1. Wiping a character in order to refund percentage of coins used on it

    As the title says, I was thinking about this when I realised that I have a few old chars that have several items which are bought from store. So, I think it would be super awesome if people that buy something from the store, for example a char that has 6 items worth 23 coins each, could be deleted and refunded like 50-60% of the coins spent.

    A char that would have 230 coins spent on him, would refund 115 coins when deleted for example.

    Opinions? :)
    Edited: November 6, 2017

  2. It isn't a win-win situation(idea), so I don't think Warmane would do something like that.

  3. Warmane gains nothing from this so why would they do that?

  4. im confused as to why so many people think they should be able to get coins back for items they bought ages ago.

  5. well it would be realy cool. There is situation when i have few chars that are not interesting to me but i spent a lot of coins on them. And thing that stops me from returning to playing is that same boring start and grinding. If i could return atleast few coins from my char to get few start up iteams for faster progress the interest in this game would be braught agen .

  6. You can always use a "trade" feature on warmane website to get back "some" of the coins back.

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