1. DK vs Paladin

    hi all!
    I have a problems with Paladin in duel. I spend a lot of time for duels with them, but nothing can't do.
    Can someone to write some good strategy for pvp with paladin?

  2. Unholy vs ret :
    If ret is good and you know what you are doing you will pretty much fight all day :P. To win vs ret you need to predict him before duel starts throw your d&d and horn 2-3 second before duel starts pop your ams immediately after duel starts -- maybe you will get his HoJ.Trinket HoJ if you need to or he pop wings if he pop wings you need to immediately pop iceborn fortitude and spam death strike you should silence ret when you pop gargoyle so he cant use turn evil on your gargoyle and he will need to pop bubble (if he will pop wings he will die) if he pop bubble you need to make distance also you can use first aid if he is healing himself,it's best to make him pop freedom by chains of ice him so you will get a free stun but average retri will just dispel it.Also remember after death coil paladin will have no chance to dispell your diseases. Sacrifice your ghoul if you are about 30% hp. If duel will be long enough you need to predict ams on his repentance on second HoJ you will need aesa for this or some addon showing cd :P.

    unholy vs holy :
    alt f4 bcs you cant interrupt cast with grip when you are near him and he can just aura mastery and get full hp :D on your burst

    unholy vs prot:
    hard fight try to kite him and spam death strikes if he is good pve geared you can lose otherwise you shouldn't.Try to predict HoJ with ams use icebound on wings , silence him when you pop gargoyle.

  3. First of all apply diseases and Death Coil asap, cause good paladins will cleanse them. Keep them on with Pestilence, beause pally burst is big and reapplying them takes time, which you could otherwise use to heal up. You mainly heal up with Death Strike and try to stay above 50% hp. It's hard to kite him, because of Hand of Freedom, but when it's on cd you can do it + Death Coil spam. I prefer to go face to face on them, only kiting whenever my runes are on cd.
    Basically when they use wings, use Bone Shield + IBF and Death Strike spam to heal up, then kite + pump the dcs so he's using Art of War to insta Flash of Light instead of Exorcism.
    AMS can be used vs Repentance when you burst him down, to negate Hammer of Justice, or save yourself some damage.
    Scourge Strike only if you have high hp. Dont use Strangulate for the Gargoyle, cause that gives you like 2 casts of the garg - around 4k dmg, then it's Fear time. Save Strangulate for when his HP is lower, so he wont be able to cast anything.
    This is how a pally duel goes for me:
    - He starts to dps me, I death strike to negate his damage and DC to damage aswell. He flash of lights to negate my damage.
    - At one point he tries to burst me down with hammer + wings. If im lucky, I AMS the hammer. If not, depends on my HP. If im high hp, I wait it out, if im more like 75% I trinket it. Then I use Icebound Fortitude + Bone Shield and spam Death Strike to heal up, then try to kite with Death Coil spam. He usually uses HoF to get close to me.
    - Then I try to regenerate by Death Striking, which happens fast and now it's my turn to strike back. The pressure of DS+DC is too hard for his Flash of Light heals, so he will usually Repentance me when getting low hp and heal up.
    - That's when I usually use AMS, followed by Strangulate or vice versia. If he does manage to Repentance me, wait until he starts healing and is close to finish the cast, then stun him with your pet.
    - If he doesnt die by then, eventually he will try to burst you again, all the same thing repeating.

    Basically the pally tries to burst you down during wings and survive inbetween, while you try to survive his burst and kill him inbetween.

  4. Thank you guys for help! I am interesting what is better [Reaping] or [Wandering Plague] ?

  5. Wandering plague is for 3 vs 3 arenas mostly ,it's usless for 1 vs 1 for sure(unless somebody have pet),so imo reaping is better.

  6. Reaping is a must have imo. It gives you rune flexibility which otherwise you'd lack.
    Wandering plague is just some extra aoe damage reduced by resi (proc chance and damage).

  7. Wandering plague is great for BGs basically. It'll do a lot of damage.

  8. Here's how i do it.

    first of all, you must know that he gets instant Flash of light Procs from criticals strikes, so more resilience you have less crits he does and less heals he will do.
    I'd say 1200 resilience would be good place to duel. you can either stay in frost for extra survivability or go unholy for damage and faster rune rotation, go frost when he is wings yoloing you can use blood tap for extra rune to help your rotation.

    the key to defeat any good retri is to kite him and deathstrike spam til he has mana problems (when he pops divine plea it's good time to get bursty)
    after he uses freedom you spawn gargoyle if he follows you distance yourself from gargoyle so when it starts shooting and he tries to go back for it you will be able to chain him and silence him +finish him off with corpse explosion

  9. I woudnt recommend changing presences in middle of duel, better to always keep frost presence vs retris

  10. You could go frost pres at start, switch to unholy when going for the kill.

    Edit: Be flexible, vs some rets it's working. Vs some rets I go straight unholy pres etc. Depends on their damage and stuff.
    Edited: November 20, 2017

  11. what do you think about get Wrathful Gladiator's Claymore sword and set two gem for 34res. and switch from SM to the sword when runes have cd ?
    122 + (34*2) = 186 res and ~ 1000hp with the sword. or is it a better use SM all the duel time?

  12. It has a good use in arena, when youre being focused and need to survive. You gotta be very precise with duels though, but it could work if you switch it during some phases. Switching a weapon activates a GCD, so it wont work on the runes cd thing youre suggesting. Would work while hes in wings trying to burst you down though.

  13. Dk can only beat bad retris. Sad bad true. If a ret just sits 1h and shield and plays Sov seal and waits for that full hoj+wings. Ppl above made a good guide for retri duel so ill leave that alone.

    Few tips vs prot pala. Only use ghoul for corpse explosion, stun and pet sac. In other words you use pet stun + explosion asap and to pet sac you summon the pet and instantly use pet sac, do not keep your ghoul attacking the prot paladin. Reason for this is he will get Reckoning procs= Huge dmg boost and +30% block.

    Now this is the easiest way to beat a paladin in elwyn forrest or in world pvp. Don't have a ghoul at start. Start decently far away from the big tree in elwynn. Stay mounted. Duel starts and the pala most likely uses plea as it starts. Now just silence him and chains him and run behind the tree and kite the remaining time he has divine plea on. What this will do is make the paladin oom and its easy win.

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