1. BiS PvP list

    I've tried searching.

    Curious of a BiS for PvP most importantly what PvE gear is most beneficial in PvP.

    For example DST in PvP or something better?

  2. at this stage of release id say crucial items are
    engi head due to t5 quality and stealth detection which seems to be severely broken on outland (later on this one becomes x44 quadgoogles from swp),
    Neck from keal'thas, later on, isle of quel'danas SSO exalted reputation Neck (aldor preferably)
    Thalassian Wildercloak (KT drop)
    Belt from Anetheron (or deep shadow, which is more accessable but slightly worse)
    Mace from KT (later on obviously glaives x))
    Some people prefer playing with even more pve gear like wrist from BT (Teron drop) and Mama Shahraz's Boots.
    As with SWP release u can go 4/8+4/5 with t6 setbonus, KJ Cloak etc...

    Trinket wise atm i prefer bloodlust Broch or brewfest mug (same item diferent name). Alternative items become Berserker's Call from ZA and JC trinket (proly bis due to 1.5 min cd over 2mins on the rest as well as stealth level thingie).
    If someone has something to add, feel free, this is just on top of my head atm.

  3. Not sure the rules about posting websites on the forum here if im breaking the rules plz delete my post gm, but i honestly had to post this shadowpanther is legit the one stop encyclopedia for gear comparing (all items listed in order from bis down). http://shadowpanther.net/
    your going to cry:D

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