1. Isboxer cracked problem

    Hi every one i have problem with isboxer cracked
    1-i use windows 7 64 bit cracked
    2- i use auth server semulator
    3- i add ips to host file
    4- for 1 mounth every ting was good and i start boxing but for while i left boxing
    6- when i back and try open inner nothing happen i chek task manager inner is open in background but nothing happen
    7- i delete isboxer and recopy it from rar file but didnt work too
    8- but when i delete host file and recopy its from my backup (i have copy from my host file) inner start work
    9- problem is every time i shut down pc next time i want open inner space its not work
    10-add innerspace to my firewall block list so its work for 1 week and every ting was good but after 1 week its start happen again and again
    11- every time i delete and recopy is boxer i need set up every ting from 0 and its kinda pain to set up keymaps and every ting every time i want multibox
    12- i quess for some reason my host file or auth server semulator not working and inner conect to internet
    13- in other way when i try get auth1 and auth2 ping in ((run)) its time out but its should be show me and start timing

    Plz help me on it tnx
    And sorry for my eng
    Edited: November 12, 2017 Reason: Mistake

  2. you probably updated your java to a version that is not compatible with the auth server.

  3. Make HOSTS file READ ONLY.
    Your computer keeps replacing it.

    Also make all character .WTF files read only so Isboxer does not replace them and you keep the settings such as
    SET accountName "name01"
    SET accountList "!name01"

  4. well i didnt get any notafic to update it.mybe his update auto?

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