1. <<Looking for a leveling guild>>

    Hey guys/girls

    Me and my brother will be switching over to MoP soon,during this up comming weak to be exact.

    We have been player for more then a few years and we have very decent experience in WoW.
    We are currently playing on the Icecrown server.

    We are looking relocate to to the Frostwolf server,however we are concerned due to ALL the new changes in the new expansion that we would have trouble leveling and gearing. I would personally pick rogue(I always do) and my brother paladin.

    I was hoping if there are any guilds out there that we could contact to give us advice on leveling. We ARE sure to stay and not leave due to lack of friends on that server. We have an uptime of about 4-8 hours a day on WoW.

    Any guild names or if there are any GM's who one like to suggest some advice it would really be useful.

    Thank you for reading we appreciate the time you took.

    Have a decent day

  2. Do join our discord channel since it's filled with people who will be willing to help you

  3. The knights of Serenity would be happy to help :-)

  4. Try League of Explorers. They do pretty much everything. Questing/leveling, progression, PvE/PvP. Really friendly, always help out, nice guild perks plus a Discord server where you can always drop by and chill.

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