1. BoE/AH tanking

    I have a lvl 39 paladin and when i reach 80 i want to have full boe/ah items and be ready to tank with decent gear.
    What i have till now:
    Feet – Boots of Kingly Upheaval
    Waist - Indestructible Plate Girdle
    Wrist – Saronite Swordbreakers
    Finger 1 – Ring of Rotting Sinew
    Finger 2 – Harbingers Bone Band
    Next items??? *The items above mats and crafting where expensive as .... and i have like 1-2k gold left if i sell some stuff maybe ill have 7k so thats the budget for all remaining items

    My questions ladys and gentelmen are:
    1 – The items above where they a good choice or can i fiind better in the boe/ah range?
    2 – Sword/Shield i have some vote points any tips on what i can find good on website? Or a good blacksmith weapon/shield for tanking
    3 - Thank you in advance to all of you that take time to help a beginer aut
    4 – Any items/tank advices are much apreciated

  2. guess you could buy Battered hilt via AH for your wep and Bulwark of Algalon as your shield from the vote shop.

    edit: buy ilvl 200 boes with appropriate stats to fill any missing slot from the AH.
    when you hit 80, farm icc rep for the ring and rdf hc for t9/offpieces. any eof you get are to be saved for t10 set pieces primarily.
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  3. Get only 1 ring, and then get to ICC rep farm, you'll save some gold.

    Point hop

    http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=45707 12 points
    Horde: http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=47910
    Alliance: http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=47835 16 Points

    If your race offers expertise for maces,swords or axes, I'd get equivalent weapon.

    What comes to blacksmithing weapon/shield, their money value far exceeds their value as items.

  4. There's also that one Wanted quest in zul'drak to kill that one elite in the lake, it gives great early tanking weapon options. sword, mace, axe it has all 3 as options for the reward

  5. Awesome tips! What professions should i go for and why?
    From the guides i read i know about 4 good profs and at some i have some basic info about why and how that can help but for others not much
    Mining - it gives some stamina or smth like that *later edit i already have mining on a diff char it would be a waste to lvl up 2 of them
    Jewelcrafting - again for stamina extra bonus gems
    Blacksmithing - think for making your own items
    *blacksmith question - do you get something extra to help your stats improve? ex enchants, sockets gems ?
    Eng - read on wow head that its a good choice but they did not explain why *again have eng but dont see much use of what i have there for a tank
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  6. Engineering is a good choice for Tanks because it provides an +885 armor glove enchant, nitro boots, and a +45 stamina head enchant.
    Blacksmithing allows you too add an extra gem socket on your braces and gloves.
    Tanking tip,
    1. get a good nameplate addon like threat plates, tidy plates, or elvui nameplates. This allows you to quickly see which mobs are not attacking you and you have to taunt those.
    2. You need to zoom out your camera far beyond the settings allow you, there is a macro for that.
    3. JEwelcrafting provides the most stamina bonus out of all the profession perks.
    4. When tanking ICC stacking armor and stamina is the best way to go.
    5. Never use armsman enchant on your gloves.
    6. Learn how to face your back towards the wall for mobs that does knock backs.
    7. Have mark skull, cross macro with you.

    I will add some other tips later. Enjoy your tanking life.

  7. Additional tips,
    8. Get pillars of might as soon as possible, this provides you a LOT of armor for tanking ICC
    9. Make a mouse over hand of protection, hand of salvation,hand of sacrifice macro this will be useful.
    10. Make a "bubble" taunt macro.
    11. Get omen3 addon this allows you to see the threat list.
    12. Tanking principle is about getting Agro on boss, Positioning the boss properly or adds properly, and surviving their blows. If you can do these 3 things properly you are a good tank.

  8. ALL YOU SAID is music for my ears. Thank you for a detaliled tips i needed to hear that. Now next step is puting it to practice. I invested quite alot of gold (for a beginer like me speinding 25+k gold on a tank its alot) so i am taking tanking seriously and use all i find guides, youtube videos, this forum to learn more. Thank you again and if i have other questions glad to see people who are sharing their wisdom with beginers

  9. HI,

    Get item of reputation whit dragonblith (chest, wrist ),
    Get low tank gear en ah neck, waist, hands for rdf hc. Maybe ring drop sartharion (boe) if you need.
    Ring of rotting sinew is waste of gold, save for pillars of migth (legs), harbingers, and swordbreakers.
    Get ite whit vp, shield whit 18 points is best choice, and main hand of blacksmithing.


    Blacksmithing and jewelcrafter is my choice.

    Good Luck

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