1. [A] Insane in the Membrane shopping list

    Hey all,

    I'm currently buying some stuff for raising the rep with Darkmoon and Ravenholdt

    Any help will be appreciated!

    Currently in need of:

    Herbs - 10 gold / stack
    - Mageroyal
    - Briarthorn
    - Swiftthistle
    - Bruiseweed
    - Stranglekelp

    Decks - 15 gold / deck
    - [Rogues Deck] - 1750 needed

    Boxes - 10 gold / box
    - Heavy Junkbox - 1400 needed

    You can c.o.d. me on Anarky (on Lordaeron Alliance side :D )

  2. You need 1440 Rogues Decks to get exalted. Also, expect to have to farm the boxes on your own. I offered 60g per box and only received around 100 in trade. No one cares about gold on this server. Takes around 10 hours of pick pocketing if you're good.

  3. 60g/box?I just farmed 100 under 1 hour that mean 1400 is 14hours farming.Instead 84k....Its not Icecrown.Btw i buying these herbs too or hunter's ink.Pm ingame: Sacren (A)

  4. Insane achievement is bugged, cant obtain it, dont waste time....

  5. Its work... just got few days ago

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