1. [A] [NA] Pleasuretown Adventures

    We're a US based raiding guild that is focused on optimal raiding progression. We like to keep the mood during raids light, but know when we need to focus on progression. We are currently progression T5 content; working on vashj and moving on to finish TK soon within weeks. Also, we’re always on the lookout for solid players to add to our core.

    This guild originated on the Warsong (feenix) server in 2012, but has since been a competitor on every server we've raided. Some of our past exploits include:

    Warsong: first US kill of Sapphiron, competitive clear times for the whole server, and making a new guild into the top guild on the server while we were raiding (after all content minus KT released).
    Since then, we've played on Nostalrius, Kronos 2, Elysium's Anathem, and most recently Wargate. We've made our home now in Warmane's Outland; looking to farm some T6.
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    How to join: APPLY HERE

    Raid Times

    Wednesday 12:00 - 4:00 am ST

    Thursday 12:00 - 4:00 am ST

    Sunday 12:00 - 4:00 am ST

    So Wed/Thurs/Sun @ 8pm - 12am EST

    *These are the reserved slots during the week. Sunday is usually a cleanup day for any farm content we haven't cleared, but will be utilized for progression raids as need. So our primary goal is to acquire a 25 man core that can show up every day.


    Hyjal - 5/5
    BT - 9/9

    *Our leadership has experience in leading and clearing content for several years.

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    The classes we are currently recruiting can be found on the right side of our homepage http://pta.guildlaunch.com/ and in the posts found on this topic.

    How to join: APPLY HERE

    What we are looking for in you:
    • At least BiS pre-raid gear or nearly there

    • Everything fully enchanted regardless of quality

    • Complete knowledge of your class and the ability to play it properly, or at the very least improvement

    • A degree of maturity, patience and a sense of humor!

    • Consistent usage of flasks/elixirs/pots, and the economy to support this

    • Mumble (OUR MAIN VoIP) installed and the personality to deal with crude jokes in mumble

    • Proper raiding addons

    • Resistance gear if your class calls for it

    • High attendance: we are a progression guild

    • Raid awareness, the ability to listen during raids, and to do your job to the best of your ability

    What you can expect of us:
    • An active raiding core that aims to consistently strive and try to clear all content TBC WoW has to offer.

    • A mature, comical and tolerant raid environment that won't micro-manage you but expects results. However, questions and advice-seeking is strongly encouraged to keep up.

    • Loot System - LOOT COUNCIL. We've decided to adopt LC in TBC to maximize our progress potential. If you come to raid consistently prepared and produce results, you'll definitely have loot coming you way.

    Feel free to contact any one of these people to give you information about the guild:

    Prugaros - Guild Master, Raid Leader, Tank CL
    Patt - Officer, Warlock CL
    Zuke - Officer, Rogue CL
    Ahmp - Officer; Hunter CL
    Meshne - Officer; Healer CL

    How to join: APPLY HERE

    Thanks for your interest, and see you in game!
    Edited: August 27, 2018

  2. Aug 27th 2018 - Currently looking for warlocks and hunters. However, all raid slots are competitive, so don't hesitate to apply!
    Edited: August 27, 2018

  3. 3/5 Hyjal. Exceptional players feel free to apply.

  4. 5/5 Hyjal. Looking for a Holy Pally and Hunter.

  5. Still looking for any exceptional NA players. Feel free to message me ingame.


  6. holy pally, shadow priest, hunters

  7. still looking for any quality raiders.

  8. Still recruiting hunters/holy pally/mage.

  9. Made an application on the website !

  10. Looking for hunters and an hpally.

  11. Open raid spots for Enhancement Shaman & Holy Paladin

    Exceptional players of all DPS and Healer Classes welcome!

    Whisper Zuke in-game, or PM me.

    Come join us in T6 progression!

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