1. Desecrate - Icecrown 60 PvE Twink guild (A)


    With the announcement of World of Warcraft: Classic and the incoming hype we are proud to announce Desecrate, a PvE orientated 60 twinking guild on Icecrown. The guild is formed by a group of well seasoned raiders from the 80's bracket whom are looking for new challenges and feats to add to our tally. With nothing left to achieve at the end game tier of Wotlk, we decided to take a step back in time to relive the good old days of vanilla WoW, where the raids are different and far more unforgiving, in doing so we hope to improve our gameplay as well as build a consistent and active community on the realm.

    Our Goals:

    The aim of the guild is to create a medium for all players, where they can experience first hand the old raids and progress though the content as a core group and develop over time. The ideals of the guild are based around having fun and engaging into something new, this will be our main priority and we will strive to achieve this to the best of our capabilities . We don't expect people to have complete knowledge of the bracket and its raids, but we do encourage people to be open minded and take it easy while we progress, good things come to those with patience.


    Lastly the being a PvE orientated guild, we have a few rules to abide by in order to make the game as enjoyable as possible. These are pretty straight forward, we are not here to faceroll or plow through content, that being said we have decided to ban all TBC socket gear and any item we deem to extremely overpowered. The reasoning behind is quiet obvious as stats become unbelievably high and content becomes watered down and not as much of a challenge. I am aware some people already have the gear , so for you who have it we kindly ask for you to replace it in time with appropriate pieces in order to maintain the guild ethics.

    Note: The TBC socket gear is only banned for raids only, outside of raids and guild events you can do as you please especially when PvPing in order to remain competitive with the rest of the 60 PvP community.

    Raiding Schedule:
    Raid Time: 17-18pm ST

    We will form a complete raiding calendar in the near future as we progress raids and form our core group, until then we will help any newcomers gear up and try to guide them to the best of our knowledge as we progress together.

    Guild Staff
    Guild Master:






    That is pretty much it from us, if you have any questions or are interested in joining our community don't hesitate to contact one of our officers online, via mail or on our website below, we will respond as soon as we can and try answer your questions as clear and adequately as we can.

    Guild Website: http://desecrate-icecrown.shivtr.com/


    Raids will be streamed @ https://www.twitch.tv/optitheone



    Edited: December 14, 2017

  2. Seasonal greeting everyone,

    Quick update, so first the guild staff would like to thank everyone that is sticking with us going forward, we still aim to maintain our principles of fun and enjoyment as well as progress the content on a steady curve. Secondly for those of you concerned with guild affairs and slight drop in activity, I'm glad to tell everyone that we are officially on vacation till the 2nd of January and all guild matters will resume as normal thereafter. During our time off I will be working hard on growing the guild and will make further announcement in the near future, until then Happy Holidays to everyone.

    On a side note:

    All further drama and attention seeking on our forums will be deemed as a sign of disrespect, therefore resulting in immediate removal. End of
    Also the thread will be cleaned up shortly so don't bother coming back.

    Happy Holidays,

    Desecrate Staff

  3. 4 Weeks Ago  
    (extra words) Oof

    we are just taking a holiday break to be together with family and etc.
    Right after Christmas We will be resuming raids,etc.
    See you January 2nd!
    Edited: 4 Weeks Ago

  4. 4 Weeks Ago  
    Can't wait to get back into Molten Core with the guild on Jan first, Rag here we come!

    Happy Holidays


  5. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Looking forward to raiding again bump.

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