1. did anyone else see this too? or is it just me

    earlier tonight me and my family were on our way home and we were almost to the house when this happened, but i was looking out of the window and i saw this white silhouette or a woman with a heart on her chest just flash out of nowhere and then about a half second later it just swooped and vanished. when i told my family they said i was just seeing ****. but i know what i saw...

    i decided to draw it out (because i was explaining it to my sister (who also thought it was creepy when i showed her what it looked like) but since i was drawing with a pen it came out a little crappy. i inverted the colors on a photo editing program so you can see what I saw. it looks identically similar to what i saw so, yeah... here is that image.

    https://imgur.com/i35AtHq (im still trying to get the hang of this picture thing. still trying to understand the BB codelist)
    Edited: November 24, 2017

  2. I'd recommend uploading your image to imgur.com.

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