1. Can the player limit be increased ?

    Just started on the server and i love it but is there any chance that the player limit can be increased ?

  2. Sadly they don't have any plans to increase the player limit. It sucks really. Only way for me to play on Icecrown without having to wait in queue is around 11PM-9AM (23:00-9:00)

  3. Damn that sucks :(

    Like im in que right now and need to wait atleast 80+ min to get into the server :(

  4. The server has been lagging and crashing today... I think it has more people than it should, reduce the limit to 10k pls

  5. Donate 10$, support the server only once, and you will be able to skip the queue forever.

    I doubt you can't afford 10$ once to pay, since you can pay for internet on a monthly basis.

  6. I dont get you guys, you can always donate 10 frigin euros and skip the que. It's less than a one month retail subscription.

    If they increase server max cap it will make a lot of problem like instability, lags and so on.

  7. be a good goy and pay 10 shekels :^)

  8. **** freeloaders, reduce cap to 10 for better performance.

  9. What lag though? Whenever I played there was no ping lag. Only lag I noticed was few fps lag spikes, but that's it. I haven't seen any crashes or ping lags.

  10. What lag though? Whenever I played there was no ping lag. Only lag I noticed was few fps lag spikes, but that's it. I haven't seen any crashes or ping lags.
    try logging onto any of the other servers and you will feel a distinguished difference

  11. donating once 10E is way better than a monthly subscription, if you get what I mean
    it's just a way for asking players to donate 10E
    Edited: November 25, 2017

  12. It can be increased but it will not be for good reason.

    The server is at a capacity where it is stable enough to play, but anymore and it would get laggier and crash more. If you can't wait in queue, then donate. If you can't donate, then tough luck. It's free and you aren't entitled to anything.

    Another server is not in the question because it splits the population and has more cons than pros. Maybe in the future if there's cross-realm raiding/pvp it might be thought of, but as of now, this is what you get.

    The population already causes issues with farming, lag, and questing when there's 100 people doing the same thing. A shorter queue time may seem cool, but then you will come back and complain about that.

  13. 1. Read the (suggestion section) rules.
    Originally Posted by Mercy

    A new realm - We will not be creating new realms at this time. This includes PvE realms, more realms to reduce the amount of queues, or new realms to support new or old expansion packs. This rule also pertains to suggestions to changing existing realm statuses (such as changing them to PvE type or their rates).

    Realm merges/splits - We will decide to do this ourselves, and only if it is absolutely necessary.

    Increase/Decrease realm population cap - Our realm caps are set at a specific number, optimized for their current capability of maintaining stability. We will adjust these as needed on our own. Suggestions regarding this are not necessary.

    2. Read this:
    First of all, the game is not designed to support a population of 12,000. Much less go higher than that. By this, I am referring to the amount of lag in Dalaran (fps and latency), difficult competition for ore, herbs, quest mobs, etc. The list goes on. The systems of the game break down when there are this many people. Allowing more than what there already are is not an option. This is not something that can be "fixed" without redesigning many core components of the game, and doing so would make the game be something other than WoW.

    Secondly, if the queue upsets you that greatly, then there are some options you can pursue. Since you aren't interested in playing on another realm, then you can either 1. don't play at peak times, or 2. donate a small amount so you can skip the queue.

  14. And the drinking game begins again. *breaks out the whiskey*

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