I'll start.

I saw a video on youtube when I was 15. this video was about 2 people playing "2 man hide and seek" and me and my sister kinda thought it was a little fake, but my brother (who was 10 at the time) didn't. So to prove him wrong we tried it.

we did it and hid in the house (my siblings were too scared to touch it so i was "the brave one" to do it before we went hiding) I was hiding under my computer deskin my living room that was against one of the walls connected to the hallway, my siblings hid together in a spot where they can see the livingroom, hallway, and kitchen. i heard my sister go "OH MY GOD IT'S RIGHT THERE" looking at the hallway where i was near. i didn't notice it until i looked at the space crack behind me and she wasn't joking.

my dumb *** decided to run to my siblings and go out of sight. then my sister insisted we get rid of it. so we went looking for it, and started in the kitchen. they found it right by the rack of knives we use for food.

i went back out in the livingroom because i was finding something to put that thing in. and it FLEW, FROM THE KITCHEN to (i kid you not) RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY ****ING FEET! and i screamed, so my siblings pulled a ****** move and ran TOWARDS ME SCREAMING!

my sister picked it up by the strings and it hit me in the eyeball...that thing's an *******.

we threw it in the garbage afterward... but it was scary at the time so yeah.