1. Games that i play:

    • Minecraft

    • CS:GO

    • Dota2

    • Spintires

    • Dark Orbit (gb1)

    PC only... =)
    Edited: February 2, 2018

  2. Currently only playing Guild Wars 2.

  3. Finished Metroid 2 Samus Returns on Nintendo 3DS.
    Currently playing Final Fantasy XII on Steam

  4. I play CS on my PC. It's not an easy game to learn, but once you understand the basics it will become a lot of fun. Winning a competitive match is incredibly satisfying. Also with the help of https://dreamteam.gg/csgo/players platform it's easy to find players and create own dream team :) Very convenient.

  5. May 27, 2018  
    Crysis 3 and in my opinion is a beautiful game. Let's get that out of the way. There's no denying it looks stunning and you'll often stop to look around at the environment you're in. You'll likely want to play certain checkpoints over and over again to take everything in.
    With that said, Crysis 3 plays just as well as the others. The A.I. isn't any smarter and make for easy targets. With the new Predator Bow that allows you to kill without going out of Stealth, you'll often feel overpowered and maybe even cheap. If you're only interested in the Single Player experience, you're in for a short ride. Crysis Vets will likely play the Campaign a few times to find all the hidden goodies and Nanosuit upgrades but for casual players that will play this once, you'll be paying for the beauty, not the substance.

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  6. May 29, 2018  
    Doom on Nintendo Switch
    Phoenix Wright 6 on Nintendo 3DS
    Dirt 4 on Steam

    my WiiU e SNES classic are collecting dust atm :(

  7. May 29, 2018  
    War of Rings-Awaken Dragonkin both on my pc with bluestack 3 and my smartphone with 2 acc's :)

  8. I play NBA 2K
    Sometimes I play CS:Go as well
    I like GTA series :)

  9. I've playing ryse son of rome and i think I enjoyed this game a lot. I have heard a lot complains of fighting system, but in my opinion it is close to the perfect. Since it is Roman soldier with sword and shield he can't do much more what he already does in this game. Story and graphics are amazing and gameplay is good. Campaign is too short and there is none re-play value. I would suggest to buy this on sale, but not for full price.

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  10. I love those old FPS games like Quake 3, Return To Castle Wolfenstein - from the 2001 and Red Faction. I grew up playing those game. And I play Smite from time to time. Also I used to play GTA - like who didn't xD. And most of the games I play for like a few months then I stop xD

  11. Final Fantasy XV
    Red Dead Redemtion
    Rollercoaster tycoon
    Black and White II
    Black and White II: Battle of the gods

    Black and white is my favourite game
    Been playing it for about 10 years

  12. Been playing a lot of MTG Arena lately. Never played any version of Magic before, so having ton of fun exploring the game and getting familiar with all the cards and game mechanics.

    Also, looking forward to new PoE league on the Friday, so many great changes coming with 3.5 patch.

  13. Lately I am a lot into world of warships, always loved ships and sailing, and this game is just great. beside that League of legend from time to time but rarely playing it (since I don't like the current state of game (too much copy/paste of their older champions and game mods) ). There is one game that is Reactivated called Battlefield Heroes (now known as Rising hub), and still waiting for the Battlefield Play4Free, to be active again (now known as Project Fury, in the phase of rebuilding). Since this two games broke my heart when EA Games shut them down. ;( ;( ;(.

  14. Awesome game with the element of gamble called Drakemall. It's probably the easiest game I played but it's still quite entertaining 'coz every player win smth cool in the end of the game. All you need is just to buy mystery box with cool items here https://drakemall.com/ and get one random item in any case.
    Edited: February 22, 2019

  15. Warframe.
    Borderlands 2.
    Sea of Thieves.
    Tiberian sun.

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