1. Heroic Dungeon gear requirements

    So I've read in a bunch of places that the average ilvl for queuing a RDF HC is 180. I currently have an ilvl of 181 and yet I cannot queue. I tried relogging also i sold all the items in my bags and bank. Yet I still couldn't queue for heroics or normal fos/pos etc. I read on the forums that the gear required is for some reason higher than the one that drops from normal dungeons. So does anyone know what the actual ilvl requirement is (not gs). Also, why the hell is it higher than what we can get in the dungeons?

    Edit: Now at 187.6 ilvl and still can't enter.
    Edited: December 2, 2017

  2. I have the same problem. I also have an ilvl of 187 in every slot but I still can't enter heroics, I can't even enter the last 3/4 normal dungeons
    Edited: January 10, 2018

  3. All items have to be at least iLvl180, or at least you need the Superior Achievement

  4. Edit: Now at 187.6 ilvl and still can't enter.
    Although heirlooms are 187, in the eyes of the dungeon finder they count as ilvl 1.

  5. For Rdf HC, you need to have every item of your gear minimum i180, but for going FoS and PoS you need i200 minimum. as stated above, heirlooms won't work since they are ilevel 1...

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