1. Multiboxing via servers allowed?

    as the topic should bring you the main question, i guess that some ppl wont get it without any explenation on what i mean. basically what im asking is if it would cause me any trouble ( getting banned or smth) if i would MB with like 200-300 chars using servers to remove some stress from my hardware.

  2. I assume it would be allowed, nothing bad being done just splitting up the load between several computers which is what many have done in retail.

    I think the issue is more if they would get unhappy about you multiboxing 200-300 characters since you would use so much of their server then, although I haven't seen anything stating that there is any limit on how many characters you can play.
    Also could probably cause server instability if 300+ characters are in the same area and use abilities at the exact same time. In a PVP situation opposite side should be able to have about an equal amount of players so would expect ~600 characters in a small area with everyone using abilitys at once. Doubt server or clients would run smooth with that.
    But if you intend to commit to something that big then you should probably try to get some answer directly from the staff.

    Personally I feel like it would be a painfully boring journey with not much reward at the end. Making 200-300 gmail accounts would be a pain. Levelling 40-60 teams would take a long time. Gearing them up would be a little bothersome but quite easy with WG.
    What would that many accounts be used for? Only purpose I can see is to gank in opposite factions cities.

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