1. Shadowmourne Price Reduce for New Year

    Hi, I was thinking about this and I concluded that lowering price for Shadowmourne on Christmass or New Year to like 100 Coins would benefit both players , and Warmane since it is the time of year when people have more money and are willing to gift SM to themselves or someone else.
    I am sure there would be many players willing to buy it , therefore SM selling would increase that day. Maybe put it for 24 or 48 h . Think about it. Cheers!

  2. If anything they should return to a form of the old system where the price was lowered based on how you contributed to the server

  3. If you're gonna do that reduce Wrathful piece price too for the non-smourne users.

  4. I'm just waiting when I'll be able to gift SM or whatever item to char. So he gets item in mail, not coins on web. Same 5% service cost?

    I think this would be used way more often and would have way more elegance to it.

  5. Keep dreaming why would they lower the price on the most expensive weapon,if they do bet it would only be like 10 coins cheaper. When they first added it to the shop it cost 120 coins, that was several years ago demand for it uped the price.

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