1. Longclaw is recruiting for HC Raiding.

    Longclaw is recruiting for players for our core group. The minimum is: 6/8 DS HC experience, Stable PC and Internet connections for 10 & 25 M Semi / Full HC raids and TS3 for communicate.

    Currently we are missing peoples, we've got social peoples for lvling the guild faster. (Currently it's lvl6)
    Our guild chat should be always english but sometimes few people use sloven? and croatian? language.

    If you want to join our guild /W ingame Happymage / Iamasunshine / Vromoskilo / Demoriel / Opafsiren.

    PS.: Didn't mention before: Our Raid time is 6PM ST, but maybe it'll change like become 1 hour earlyer if our community wants it.
    Edited: December 3, 2017

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