1. Multiboxing with hotkeynet guide

    I am Liiliie on icecrown (WOTLK).
    I multibox 1 dk and 4 pala (the only one I seen on icecrown with this comp, most are just playing shamans or druids but I also seen priests and dks).

    Examples of what I have done with this 5 man team: (maybe it makes more people interesting in playing my comp)
    It is a very fun setup, I leveled in dungeons from 17-65 (without hierlooms or anything like that) then quested the rest to 80 with a few more dungeons while questing.
    I did FoS normal at 2k GS on everyone.
    PoS normal at 2.5k GS (except last boss, it is beatable but very hard abilities for multiboxer).
    I did FoS heroic at 2.7k GS.
    I do daily heroics now and then. I farmed ICC rep (hard to do with melee because mobs explode, but works).
    I do WG and some BGs, with 5k GS I can usually win 5v5 fights. (done several fights where I get 10+ kills in a row without leaving combat, before getting overrun)
    When it is 5v10 it is too hard but usually gets a few kills and fight lasts quite long.
    Against organized players it is hard (did one 5v5 arena vs a real team, got 1 kill before dying but they had better gear than me).
    20 arena games vs a 5 boxing shaman (4-6 score when he had 1500 higher GS than me, 7-3 score when he had ~500 higher GS than me I think).
    I reached 5.2-5.5k GS and doing really well in arena now. Did 9 games vs a melee cleave team of 5 players with 5.8-6.2k GS each (not a multiboxer), won every game.
    Beating druid comp in arena extremely easy (every character at full health at end, that multiboxer is undergeared tho).
    Won 4 out 4 games this week against the shaman comp (he can beat me, but I won most games since I got pvp gear).

    Pros of hotkeynet:
    Completely free. You don't have to pay or download any shady cracked version.
    Quick and easy to setup. Once you know how to use it you can easily change things within seconds. Just copy paste some code you made before and change it.

    Cons of hotkeynet:
    You have to hard code many things which makes it hard to play if you change your team in any way (remove or add characters).
    You can't use some functionality that is good in ISBoxer (in there you can use things like videofx to display parts of your other wow windows inside main window).
    Hard to setup FTL (focusless, targetless, leaderless - this basically means that you can lead with any character). Basic functionality like follow or using normal abilities works fine but I haven't figured out how to combine dps rotations with FTL.

    Download software:

    Sample scripts:

    Addons for WOTLK:
    Grid and Clique

    Generic macros:
    Accept macro to accept most things:
    /script AcceptTrade();
    /script RetrieveCorpse();
    /click LFDRoleCheckPopupAcceptButton
    /click LFDDungeonReadyDialogEnterDungeonButton
    /script RepopMe();
    /click StaticPopup1Button1

    Leave group:
    /script LeaveParty()

    Invite macro:
    /inv character2
    /inv character3
    /inv character4
    /inv character5

    Basic script to start with:
    You need to change accounts and passwords (you can skip password and remove the part that writes password and presses enter if you prefer, for security reasons).
    You also need to make sure the positioning of windows are correct, my setup uses 2 monitors and my right monitor is my main monitor.
    You also need to change what keys are sent and what are excluded at line 70.

    Mouse broadcasting when key is held down:
    This is used to press at the same area on all screens. Good for pressing portal on every character at the same time.

    Mouse broadcasting for Grid healing:
    I have it setup like this. On dk I use Rune Tap and on everyone else I use Flash of Light. Only left mousebutton is bound for me right now.
    I intend to add Hand of Protection and Lay on hands on rotation on click healing later.

    More mouse keys that can be used:

    Round robin example:
    This is how I use Arcane Torrent and Hammer of Justice.

    Setting up FTL in hotkeynet and adding a FTL follow key:
    The ApplyTemplate is what is used to make a key into a FTL key. The one I set up sends f to both current window and to slaves, which is my follow button.

    On F on every character I put this macro (works same way with abilities but change to ability instead of /follow):

    Cleanse rotation:
    It uses toggle to change who it cleanse, this makes it so everyone can dispel anyone else if it is spammed enough times (good if someone dies, is cced or if I need to dispel a lot of debuffs from the same target)

    Macro for cleansing:

    I think I skip example for dps rotations and how to set up keys for it, but the youtube video "ISBoxer 41 -- Pro System 02 -- Building a Rotation" for ISBoxer explains how to set up different dps rotations and it is pretty self explaining how to do it in hotkeynet.
    Edited: December 5, 2017

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