1. Forty Niners - 49 Twink Guild on Icecrown

    Hello peeps, I used to do a lot of 49 Twinking back in BC/WotLK. I think it's time to get the 49 bracket active, calling on all Horde and Alliance to help make this happen! I'm on the Horde side, I've got the guild made and have some gear in the bank. If anyone's interested drop me a message.

    Peace out, Shockah.

  2. evryrbody is doing 39 on outland now bro

  3. Well we've had some interest so far, aiming to get BG's popping up by January. Horde side should be up and running after new year I reckon, so we need some Alliance to get things started on the other side now.

    Happy Twinking, Shockah.

  4. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Is this bracket active? Used to love the 49 bracket back in the day:


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