1. 3.3.5b was great, because it kept warr/pala balanced and it allowed other specs/comps to shine. but yeah we are back to 3.3.5a and it sucks pretty damn hard.

  2. The top 2s teams on Icecrown are not the best teams of the ladder, they just know the best how to drop the mmr.
    Most of the top teams there have a lower mmr than personal and team rating. Thats why u see setups like ele shami + Hpala on rank 2 there.

    The only setup that was realy able to counter warr/hpala was Fdk/hpala in 3.3.5b.
    Frost strike hits through plate armor like a knife through butter and on 3.3.5b Fdk had some insane runic power regeneration when the opponents tried to dispell his disease.

  3. Most players from icecrown are not even close from "good" just saying.. Some WP from at like qwneer/next managed severals times to get 100-0 without dodging and hard times, actual r1 is ÚlÚlock from blackrock top too, get real, guys like machine doesn't exist outdoor icecrown.

    For blackrock current 2s state, most teams are playing safely like tankerman WP, disc/prot like Tzss; WP like aesir, disc/r like zit and buddhist; Most WP with 90%winloss are made by shinta, and he's not challenged by thooses players i quoted.
    Most team i've faced like tzss, priest fall 20%hp at the start, as soon as you understand how to counter them on their playstyle it's easy, overpower on manaburn so he can't play mana game, keep kick for heals cast, it doesn't require 150iq, only use flash of light so pala don't oom like an *****, only hard time is when this well known priest i made banned back in times use lag macro + freedom to reach my pala that's all. Others comps like buddhist/zit are complete garbage, they playstyle consit in reseting all day long, it end with rogue with less damage than my healer, they can't setup x2fear/sap warrior, he can't vanish behind warrior, idk, if they don't improve they will stay slayed by warriors.
    Edited: December 7, 2017

  4. disc/mage hardcounters wpal but noone plays it

  5. guys like machine doesn't exist outdoor icecrown.
    Why do you guys feel the need to ddos him then?


  6. Lol @ Machine, what is his secret to keep abusing without getting banned?

  7. disc/mage hardcounters wpal but noone plays it
    Not saying it can't beat war/pal.
    No caster hardcounters Sacred cleansing in 3.3.5a.
    One setup that fails and you basically potentially lost against a good war/pal.

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