1. [Lordaeron] Returning to WOW

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm a 18-year-old Finn returning to WOW after taking a several years break from the game. I last played retail during Cataclysm, but i never got to the same level of enthusiasm for the game as i did as a toddler when playing WOTLK.

    That's why after half a decade I would like to experience the WOW as it did in my childhood, this time in Lordaeron. As a kid, I only managed to level up to lvl 50 when my free time and also enjoyment to the game ended. Now I'm looking forward to level my way up to level 80 with someone.

    Even though i have played retail in the past I feel myself as a newbie, because it has been such a long time since playing WOW and I never didn't get too deep into the game.

    But now I'm looking forward to experience everything that WOW has to offer.

    Faction doesn't matter too much, but i have always played in Alliance in the past

    I have a human char called Theonicus and my discord id is Jarzki99#0500

  2. hello and welcome to warmane , should you have questions, we are here for you :)
    you may also want to take a look at the Finnish section where you can talk in your own language and meet Finnish people/guilds http://forum.warmane.com/forumdisplay.php?f=156

  3. Hi,

    I played wow when it first arrived but didn't have the patience to level above 25. Plus, I had to learn the whole game and I wasn't keen since I was playing Diablo 2 LOD (which took like 8 years to master).

    Anyway, I started playing recently on a x5 server and I was having fun developing my character but decided that is not how the game is meant to be played so I found this Blizzlike server.

    My idea is to reach 80 and enjoy the game as much as I can. There is no pressure to level or anything just play a bit everyday. I am alliance level 9 dranei paladin. If you are not levelling too quickly maybe we can quest together?


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