1. Severe character problem, ticket not working

    Hey, been playing here on and off for 3 years and never have i encountered the **** i have now.

    My main is completely outphased from everything including mailboxes and mobs, theres NOTHING everywhere. Its because I DC'd during the Thrym quest in Zul'Drak. When I logged back in it was all messed up.

    Can a GM look into my character and un**** it so I can play again? :D

    The names Allosnackbar on Lordaeron

  2. When you said that tickets aren't working did you mean that they didn't respond in a few hours or did they said "We don't do that kind of work, please make a report on our bugtracker"? Because if its option A you should know that they need a couple of days to respond.

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