Hello Guys,

my name is Robin, im 26 years old and i come from Germany.

My english isnt the best, so i had the idea to looking for an english speaking Guild,

to train my english and also have fun with wow.

At the Moment i raid on a german BC Server, but i want to change because of the reason i said. I know all Encounter till black temple.
My Druid "Karmino" is lvl 34 and in the next few days he reaches lvl 70.

My wish,
to play cat only. I know, its not easy to install a cat into a raid, but we doesnt make less DMG than a slam warrior or a Retri pala. also we shine with additional battlerezz, innervate and 5% critchance(6%). And when something goes wrong in a raid, its clearly to change the form into bear and tank the Boss.

if you have any furder questions, feel free to contact me.


Karmino =)