1. Bots getting gold on auction house - Outland realm

    I'm on the AH a lot, and noticed the following:
    There are materials which are relatively hard to get : Black Pearl, Iridescent Pearl , Felcloth , Essence of Earth , Nether Dragonscales , Mark of Kil'Jaeden.....
    Usually there are few of them on AH and they're kinda expensive , but then comes a lvl1 mule character who puts tons of them on ah,
    like 180x iridescent pearl in 20 stacks for 1g/each, 1750 mark of kil jaeden, 80x essence of earth..... all for incredibly cheap. I noticed this since months , both horde and alliance AH.

    For a normal player it would take forever to farm these materials in this amount, and with that time a player could get more money easily in other, "non-bottable ways".

    These people aren't reselling these, as they are always the cheapest by far.

    I think some ppl have bots in calm places out there and they are farming for these mats non stop. Like for Pearls i think they just kill murlocs or sea creatures to get clams, than loot for pearls, easy to make bot script for.

    If you want to do something against third party gold sellers, etc, please investigate this a little.
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  2. The gold seller companys use armys of feral druide bots.
    Their bots keep getting banned so they level up new bots by grinding mobs in the level zones.
    Thats why the AH gets spammed by these low level items.

    Sadly Warmane still haven't find a solution against these gold seller companys.
    Banning the bots doesn't seem to help, they just get replaced.
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  3. June 1, 2018  
    I noticed yesterday while doin Loremaster in wetlands, 4 rogues was goin around a path in stealth, all with names like Beskrtfds, very similair to eachother, at the south west area with the raptors and the big construction site.
    Maybe using stealth is their new way to stay undetected

  4. The situation on Outland is totally out of control.

    Every major or even minor place where there is something to farm, you will find druid bots.

    If you go to Silithus for example and type /who you will see 50 results (max) 48 of them most probably will be druids. Try to wisper them, i tried , wispered 20 guys none replied.

    Its funny how sometimes, you see the message in red and 20-30 account are banned for botting. And people are like ''ownage, ban hammer and stuff'' Guys that is probably 0.001 % of the bots on this server. Warmane needs a guy (more like a team of guys) to just walk around and check those people, and ban them right there and then.

    Its not hard to see them, feral druids, pattern walking, drops under 20% ,goes out of form , one regrowth goes back in form ect.

    Just in the last week prices on the AH when skyrocketing because they simply own the market. A normal player ,cannot compare with those. A single guy owning 1500-2000 primal fires? Cmon... even if you have 5 chars and you play on all of them 24/7 simultaneously, you will not have that much. Farming 3 Primal fires, if you have noone on the spots currently takes like 30 mins, Say you get 6 an hour,lets say you play 6 hours a day only farming , thats 36 a day. You would be able to farm that in 55 days ( two months ,of farming 6 hours a day primal fires, if noone is on the spot with you, and 98% of time there is )

    Seems like Warmane is losing the battle with the bots, and we (normal players ) are losing the experience.

  5. It's the same in Lordaeron(wotlk). They cut the prices about 90% of the original one. This is ridiculous.

    Warmane have to accept max of 1 or 2 accounts per IP. This will not stop the bots at all, but I think it will reduce their numbers.
    These bots are killing the game economy.

  6. When I levelled on lordaeron at 70-80 I reported 19 bots, all but 1 of them got banned. I saw another 10 or so but didn't report them.

    I think if more people reported them then it would probably decrease the botting in the open a little but idk. (a lot of them was botting openly where people was questing)

    The things that makes them very easy to see:
    They make sharp turns and turn directly toward a mob facing it instantly. Same thing about mining/herb bots.
    When they use flying mount while botting it seems they mostly fly low, 10 yd above ground and you can see them path along the terrain.
    They usually have BoE items (I think a generic lvl 80 bot hp is around 16k).
    The bots read memory so they know where mobs are without being in LoS of them so you often see them target/go toward mobs behind walls.

  7. Yeah, noticed druid bots in Terrokar, farming mobs (all were 70's) they do auto-accept party invitation, but never speaking to you

  8. Pff each time i world PvP.. while flying around map etc looking for my victims.. I see normaly 4-5 Druids flying auto gatter herbs and nodes.. You cc them they simply try to gather again.. and again... like bots do..
    And warmane try's to do something. But with no luck.. Simply can't beat the BOTS. After ban the botters simply make new acc and buy insta lvl 80.. Because it's cheap vs what they make in gold..
    Icecrown realm Btw.. and thats 1 zone...
    Generaly speaking warmane are full of bots everywhere you look you see them.. I have even noticed some Action House bots.. Where they under cuts any Jewelcrafting gems in like 1-5 Mins (i have even added those bots 2 "friend list") to see them if they are online and they are olmost 24/7 online..
    And thats only Selling gems.. (because i use jewelcrafting to make gold my self) and notice those things..
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  9. Yeah, noticed druid bots in Terrokar, farming mobs (all were 70's) they do auto-accept party invitation, but never speaking to you
    So invite them, put ML and go afk.. Mean if it works.. \_(ツ)_/

    By the time bots get busted there are already new ones running. It's an endless battle. It would need something dramatic to make a difference.

  10. It is a matter of resources, in this case staff resources aswell as policy making. The bot plague did get crushed last year but it seems like it has returned.

    Could anyone from the staff share some info on the matter? For example what country tends to be most involved with botting, during what hours they are most active and what we players can do (besides frapsing or writing names in a GM ticket).

  11. Icecrown has the similar problem, whenever I run to get something or gather nodes I always find a couple of bots doing bot things. Sadly like other said it's almost impossible to ban them since they always come back with new forces in a couple of hours.

    Something must be done.

  12. July 1, 2018  
    "Yeah, noticed druid bots in Terrokar, farming mobs (all were 70's) they do auto-accept party invitation, but never speaking to you"

    ^ Terrokar is like the god zone for bots. Cat druids allover the place and its so obvious they are bots.

    I dont understand why some GM simply doesnt go there and check, will probably ban 100 bots for 1 hour.

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