1. this was literally pointless. there is still people trying to sell their epic names like the guy who have the name ... he is asking for 30 coins yet after the clean up he still have it and so many other names.i hope warmane consider about this and do something about it.
    Did you report that to the GMs, with proof? The inactivity clean up was meant to, as the name says, deal with inactive characters. It had nothing to do with characters that reach the minimum required activity, nor was it meant to do anything about things that should be reported like that.

  2. FML, I missed the name I wanted by 1 fking second on icecrown after checking armory to some guy who made it and probably will never play it again on opposing faction.

  3. i got donator,brake,vanta,rust :))

  4. I've seen names without being played 1 year or so and their names didnt cleaned up.

  5. All my characters are naked, and i cant login to game on Lordaeron? Does anybody have this issue or can login to the realm?

  6. On login screen it shows my level 80 char naked. And i can t login. Get stuck when the bar is fully loaded. What have you people done to my character????

  7. Same with me. I just can't login to the character I first made. The others are naked in the character screen, but ingame everything is fine.

  8. The issue with certain Lordaeron characters having problem logging in is being checked:
    The issue is being looked into.

    Characters may be naked on the character selection screen due to caching changes, once you login fully all of your stuff will be intact.

    If you're unable to login at the moment, restart your client and see if that helps, we are trialing a new system at the moment on Lordaeron.
    EDIT: The issue should be fixed now.

  9. Why the **** would you remove all the items, from guild banks on blackrock realm???

    You guys didnt say anything about deleting items from banks.

    Hope you either return the items or do something else.

  10. I've seen names without being played 1 year or so and their names didnt cleaned up.
    Same here. My original nickname is still taken even though that person hasn't logged in for over a year.

  11. Character creation on this realm is currently disabled. Please try again at a later date or create a character on a different realm. ?????

  12. Same here. My original nickname is still taken even though that person hasn't logged in for over a year.
    How can you check if that person logged or not? You can only see last achievement date. Maybe that person just logged in and out and still has no intention of playing... But that's bull**it anyway.. I have same issue with my nickname.

  13. This inactivity cleanup is obviously NOT achieving it's purpose.
    You should put a limit of playtime of several minutes per day so that people can't have a character and just login once per year to save the name. Lots of lv1 characters with no gear haven't been cleaned up and they are not for sale on the character store. I think a minute per day would be very little time, but still effective. In a year that would mean about 7 hours of PLAYTIME, which for me seems very little. I'm talking about comparing played time to the date when the character was created, not daily login of the character.
    If someone doesn't use a character for 1 hour during an entire month it is obviously not used for anything except maybe storing items in the bank. A player with 10 characters will need to login for about 20 minutes per day on different characters to save all the names. A single dungeon can take more than that.
    I would also suggest an achievement requirement, something like 1 achievement per month. I mean seriously, even at level 1 a char can get way over 100 achievements, which would mean about 8 years.
    I also suggest making these inactivity cleanups every 3-4 months and NOT ANNOUNCE ANYWHERE. If people only log their chars to save the name it obviously means they're INACTIVE. This will not allow people with better internet/hardware to 'farm' names as soon as they are cleared.
    There should also be a filter to completely delete characters that have NEVER been logged in. I mean creating a character and not even entering the game with it to see or skip the intro for their race.
    Other things could also be considered, like being part of a guild, having any gold, honor or other currency, having any unique/donated pets, mounts or unobtainable items or titles.
    For example, a character of level 26 with no guild, no pets, no mounts, no items purchased from the website and 0 gold, that was not logged for 10 months on an account that wasn't used since last summer could be simply deleted.
    You could also design a system for people to REPORT unused names that they want. A gm/admin can then check the (in)activity and ban status of that character, account and IP and remove the name. This should be announced some time before it is implemented so people have time to search for names.
    All these ideas would promote activity both inside the game and on the website/forum.

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