1. I Challenger I is recruiting lvl 70 twinks on Icecrown!

    hi i am Judgementz, the guild leader of I Challenger I.
    We are currently the biggest lvl 70 twinking guild on Icecrown (ally), we have over 35 active members in a very short amount of time and growing every day, we are a very social, active and professional guild. We mainly focus on PvP events such as active bg's, World PvP, Duel events and much more. We also do alot of PvE events to gear up our new members. BT,TKT,Hyal and SWP is being run weekly.
    There is no gearscore requirement to join us, all you have to be is a lvl 70 twink.
    So join us and make twinking great again!
    For more questions or invite contact me (Judgementz) or one of my officers in-game ( Dreamic ) ( Allgammon ) ( Imsry )

    lvl 70 twinking is back!

  2. luuks gud. So now we must make sum hordies for funsie PvP

  3. Yea,will be really awesome.Lately we got a lot of bgs,and its not only WSG.
    We are in need for more dps,atleast 1-2 more healers and some pvp tanks who can keep the headlines.
    We will gladly help our new members with gearing and stuff as much as we can!
    Create your own twink,whisper for an invite and let the fun begin!


  4. We still await a lot of twinks ppl Mostly horde! Come and have fun on our bracket! We raid we pvp we make durotar runs we do bgs we farming Sholazar! we need you!
    hordes mostly :D


  5. Update:
    We are getting more peeps now and are suspecting to come more.But the process is a bit slow,so we hope more people see about us and understand our ambitions and create more twinks.We have big plans for ultimate pvp fun,and sometimes pve ofc.
    For questions,pm ingame to Androidz,Frontlier,etc etc(or any member from | Challanger |)
    Good luck to all and hope be seein you with a 70 soon! :)

  6. Hey, I was wondering if anyone was online! I have a 70 twink and im looking for folks to play with. Message me in game ----> Rektaranus

  7. im interested, are you doing any swp/bt on the weekly?

  8. im interested, are you doing any swp/bt on the weekly?
    Yes we are.Sometimes we might do it in different times,due to irl issues,but soon we will try fix that too.

  9. Omagawd,eryday like 5 new members are joining guild.But we need moreeeee!!! Lets goooooo!!!!!

  10. We successfully did a smooth raid on Karazhan with twinks-only by clearing every boss in it.Now i know all will say Kara is easy and stuff,but we are happy that we are making some progression,even tho with warmane bugs.We are suspecting more twinks to come so we can start bigger raids like Gruul's and the rest.For more info ask any officer in-game.

  11. Our first serious guild events has started!Especially for the PvE part,we have organised twinks-only raid,which can be seen in the calendar!Altho we need moar tw0nkies!!!Contact any online officer for more info.Peace!

  12. Karazhan and Zul'Aman successfully cleared!Today is Gruul's lair,our first 25 man raid!Be sure to be online and call friends who twink at 70!We are gaining population everyday and we are suspecting more in future!Hail Challenger!!!

  13. Why is the guild inactive in past month? Guys who lead this guild are 2 weeks+ inactive..I hope that some1 will at least take a look here and respond

  14. Guild died.

    Some log from time to time for lame and boring wpvp fights in Northrend. But mostly dead. 70 raids are bugged (way to overpowerd, can`t do a peaceful raid with only 70`s and i mean for tier 6 gear like BT or SWP), with all this Xmog runs, all the 80`s suddenly need lvl 70 gear so the competition is rough, gear is hard to get. Mostly 79`ers log in bg`s and as a 70 caster your chances to miss all the spells are high, so yeah, the bracet kinda died.

    Idk what happend with the Gm`s and officers, its like all died suddenly in same bus crash, no one logged in months. Thtats what makes me curios also.

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