1. Where can I get a special gift from warmane?

  2. how do you get your gifts?
    Login to your account on the website. You'll see a link you can click.

  3. doubt

    30% coupon has a deadline to spend it?

  4. I wish you spend a great year that begins with happiness and ends with that too. Happy New Year! :)

  5. Dude that profile pic is just....flawless!

  6. Does anyone know how the discount code works? I don't want to accidentally waste mine.

    Example: If a trinket is 23 coins. The bonus is -20%.
    23 * .2 = 4.6
    23 - 4.6 = 18.4

    Would the discount make a 23 coin item be 18.4 coins? Or would it round up or down?

  7. yes, the discount will make the cost of the item less

  8. happy holidays and best wishes to everyone cheers :)

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