1. SbkzorTV | Season 2 | BM/Rogue Clips

    Hi folks,

    I released a video sun day on youtube about hunter/rogue
    I'm moving in a new home and hope to get a better internet, anyway, this is only about having fun
    hope you'll enjoy!

    ► Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Sbkzor/
    ► Contents : 60 FPS | Rec : October2017
    TBC 2.4.3 Arenas 2v2 BMR / 2k~
    Partner : Chs (BM Hunter)
    Server : www.warmane.com


    Just fun games taken around 2k rate.


    1. 釜山行 屍殺列車主題音樂。부산행 영화 음악 (Train To Busan OST)
    2. AViVA - GRRRLS 👌

  2. haha I'm gonna take a look at it ! It will definetly remember me the time when i was facing Lanfe/Devine (even if he was MM instead of BM) with his rogue :D

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