1. Hi guys, I'm new to Warmane (and private servers in general).
    I've actually been away from the game for years so I'm a bit rusty in all areas.
    But currently looking into some RP community that me and some others could join and semi-casual RP.

    I used to RP trolls (the more savage type not liking other races, even in horde) and sometimes blood elves.
    I'm more familiar with the lore of those two races so I'd rather stick to Horde side. Not very familiar of Alliance lore.
    Do you know if there is anyone with blood elf RP, or troll RP guild on this server?
    I don't have a character on server yet.
    Is the server PvP? (do people gank you in your RP clothes?)

    My friends have also done some RP with trolls and/or blood elves.
    I wouldn't really be afraid of ganking either, Lordaeron is no longer in the stage that every zone is filled with players who hunt each other. Annoyances can occur of course. Shame I can't talk to horde, I would love to see you guys in red as well

  2. Currently there are no RP guilds in Lordaeron whatsoever, there's probably one or two left, but they're in hiatus and their members are inactive.

    Tell you what, I have a Blood Elf alt in the Horde (huge fan of Quel'dorei lore as well), so if you're feeling up to it, leave your character name here (after you've created it, that is), and perhaps we can try and assemble those few people out there interested in RP. The thing is, you guys have to keep in mind that only a small portion of the playerbase actually reads the forums, so if you want to gather roleplayers you have no choice but to get into the game and try to find them in there.
    I made a blood elf rogue, Kitendria. Currently lvl 5 and just made it to the first inn :)
    A lot of leveling to do, heh. Probably won't try find RP before I get little higher level.

    Toss me a message if you login to horde!

  3. Regardless of faction you should join the discord shown in the post below, I'd happily rp with red scum as well. We definitely need more people.

  4. Hello everyone! I start a new character on Lordaeron, and want to do some rp while leveling. I prefer light-rp - tavern party, talking and storytelling around campfire, etc. I don't like role playing with all sorts of twisted plot about saving the world, acting out a super-special units and the like.

    I'll create tauren, not decided with class yet. But in-game nick will be "Bezoru". So, if you wanna do some light-rp, or just met me in open world - be free to start some rp, i gladly will support you. Usually i play at 2:00-17:00 ST.

    Also I apologize in advance for my bad English) i'll try to do my best.

  5. Well, that whole tavern thing gets really old pretty soon to me personally, but I can see where you're coming from, I mean, if you're just looking for casual RP while leveling, it makes sense to not put too much effort into it. However, not all RP besides standard tavern RP is a super epic... mary sueish, kind of adventure, au contraire, I think you'll find adventure events to often be way more interesting.

    Here's a story: so a few months ago we organized an event here on Lordaeron, and it was a fishing competition. The idea was: someone found out that apparently there was a fish (can't recall the name right now unfortunately) only obtanaible through fishing in Loch Modan, and it had a damn small chance to appear, something crazy like 0.01%. So it obviously required no small amount of farming. This, of course, didn't catch the eye, but we managed to get a few participants by offering a reward in gold to the player able to get 5 of these fishes first. Now, let me tell you something: events like these, while in character, are a blast. There was a Gnome guy who was obviously a very young man, he would often curse at other players, he misspelled on purpose, and didn't have a very thorough knowledge on the lore, and I remember he was trying to convince us all he was Malygos' cousin, WHILE FISHING FOR A 10 GOLD REWARD IN LOCH MODAN. Gnomes are generally funny, but this little guy really managed to brighten things up. The GM in the event was speaking in a pirate accent (played by yours truly), which sort of created an ambience, and we had the mandatory Rogue trying to steal other players fishes and a Warrior punching him back, it was crazy. When the event was over, we all walked back to Thelsamar Inn and had a beer by the fire, and THEN had an inn type of encounter.

    So it was a long story, and I know dozens like this, the point being: nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box sometimes. Topics of conversation in tavern RP are extremely limited and as a result, you tend to run out of things to talk about pretty quickly, which sucks, because when you manage to gather 5 or 6 people, there's just so much potential, and so many posibilities to have fun in the most unthinkable ways.

    Anyways, we've just set up a Discord server a few days ago where some Lordaeron roleplayers are congregating. You should check it out, and maybe you'll find some more people to RP in there: https://discord.gg/PWUuSfH
    Edited: January 30, 2018

  6. Yeah, main purpose is casual RP while leveling. I talk about adventure events in negative case about all that mary sueish, au contraire and etc. because i can't take seriously the value of pathos in events like this. BUT - you story about fishing event is awesome, and I wanted to participate in something like that. Unfortunately I play rarely, and live in a different time zone, so get on some kind of event will be very problematic for me.

    And that about discord? I found "Warmane RP community" server, why you use your own discord server?

  7. Oh, you see, the Discord server I linked is for a RP guild in Lordaeron, The Dwarven House of Scribes. That other Discord server you speak about aims to all roleplayers all across Warmane servers. Plus, we weren't sure it was alive at the time we decided to push foward RP with this guild, because although we tried to find active roleplayers in Lordaeron, we weren't able to find any. By all means though you should join both of them.

  8. Hey!
    About the Discord RP server that aims to all Warmane players, we're still (somewhat) active! We welcome anyone who wishes to join and roleplay, and we'd like to invite you all. The only problem is that we've had a long spree of inactivity due to the previous owner leaving, but we're hoping that we might once again RP as often as before.
    The guild related to the Discord is also struggling to stay active, so whoever wants to stick around is welcome.
    Here's the link to our website for anyone interested.
    Edited: February 5, 2018

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