1. 30-39 (A) <Stranglethorn Vale Mafia> twink guild recruitment!

    Hi everyone, I assume you've stumbled along this recruitment twink recruitment because maybe you're interested in the idea of joining the fun? Well this is the best place to be. Stranglethorn Vale Mafia is the BIGGEST and MOST established 39 twink guild on the alliance side! We have approximately 30+ 39s in the guild and we are striving for more activity as the dream would be to have Bgs throughout the day.

    We are looking for any classes - We value the importance of you playing something you enjoy otherwise it wouldn't be fun! Theres a few of us that can assist with you regards planning what items to get, to boosting for gear, to helping you level as helping you, will help everyone.

    Anyone in the guild is capable of inviting so if you want invite, drop someone a message. If you want to enquire or have a question, feel free to drop a message to Ojayy, naturespath, padalins or starboom and we will try to answer any questions you may have.

    We have a guild bank that is slowly growing to encourage active players to keep showing!

    Thank you for reading and hope to be hearing from you soon!

    http://armory.warmane.com/guild/Stra...utland/summary < Stranglethorn Vale Mafia armory

    https://discord.gg/wtStfSy < Our discord!
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  2. Space for later.
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  3. I forgot to add we have a guild enchanter 375 so no tips for those expensive enchants.

  4. Hi al. Where i can play 39 twink Here? :)

  5. Hey add naturespath, ojayy, padalins or starboom in game and we'll have a chat

  6. Hi again - its on the 5x server - outland. Drop naturespath/ojayy/padalins or starboom a whisper and we'll have a chat!

  7. https://discord.gg/wtStfSy Our NEW mutual discord. We are also open to other twinks besides 39, though 39 will be primary bracket we are happy to have others looking for a guild. Currently have 4 60s that are pretty decked out.
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