1. Event Badge Farming

    Anyone interested in farming the event badges on either Horde/ Ally teams? I have 12 mans, on both sides that I'd be like to get a few badges on.

  2. I might be on alliance.U run 12 man on alliance?:)

  3. Absolutely!, I have about 5 teams, 4 horde, 1 Ally, I'll prolly be running them in a few if you're down.

  4. Damn Peregrine, we was doing badge farming with 2 multiboxers and some randoms just after I enchanted your gloves, but I didn't have time to enchant your boots because I was doing badge runs. I should have asked you join, thought you mainly did pvp.
    I'm the 3 mages in your guild.
    Edited: December 29, 2017

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