Hello, I wanted to ask if some (basic) features could be implemented in a future, I list few just to start:

1) Arena ladders. When browsing match history you can see the team name, the name of the characters who played, damage/healing done, and the rating/mmr of course Quite often I want to check the team(s) and see what comps were playing, and I need to armory each team and look for the players (not to mention many teams have different character inside it, so I never know if that match was played with the Resto Druid or the DPriest, for example... or a War instead of a Paladin). My solution is adding (near each character name who played in that match) an icon representing the class, and if possible a direct link to his armory. Optional: another icon for the specialization. With a quick look we can say "ok this was rdruid-protpala vs discipr-frostmage" for example.
2) Character trade. I'm personally looking at the moment to buy a character but I need to open each one and check the professions. So like the arena ladder method I suggested before, can you add icons to see the professions near the char name? It saves a lot of times when browsing characters

I have these two in mind but I may add some more.
Let me know what you think