1. Old School Icecrown Round 2

    Hello nerds, it's that time again

    -- Background --
    I've been with this guild since 2014 back at Ragnaros, and I've formed a bond with the members, a bond that is close to being unbreakable, a bond that had formed unforgettable memories that will remain until that one day, I die.

    -- Achievements --
    Since, I've been with this guild, we've done cleared raids with full pre-raid gear (D1, D2 etc.), We've cleared everything up to C'thun with full 60s, back in the day. Our guild was feared throughout battlegrounds and the lands of Hellfire Peninsula, with amazing premades. We've set goals to clear all vanilla raids in Icecrown (again) with no 80s, and we WILL achieve them.

    -- Rules --

    ## General Rules ##
    - Nobody above 60 allowed. (Includes Alts)
    - When you join this guild, you join a family. Families help each other out.
    - It's human nature to be a clown sometimes, but don't be an *******.
    - Be mature, our guild chats and jokes may get a bit vulgar and "triggering", but your on the interwebs so expect it, and we may get spammy, with pure pleasure. :D
    - Don't cause drama in the guild chat. We don't give a **** if about your problems, take it a whisper. If it's an immediate issue please contact an officer via whisper/mail. Don't bring your problems in to guild chat.
    - TBC Gear is allowed ONLY for PvP. It's disallowed in PvE situations.
    - We'll be glad to help you get out of tight situations, but don't make it a habit. We're a guild, not a charity.
    - Don't be a ****.

    ## PvP Rules ##
    - Don't camp graveyards.
    - Stick together, we're a team.
    - Don't immediately rage quit BGs, if you need to leave please let us know, we'll understand.
    - TBC gear is allowed

    ## PvE Rules ##
    - No 80s in official guild raids.
    - Follow the current gear progression. (Ex. If we're currently progressing through ZG don't use Tier 3)
    - No TBC Gears.

    ## Event Rules ##
    - Rules will be said before the event begins
    - Rewards can be from an item to gold to even some coins!

    -- What do we need --
    We are accepting all classes, at the moment as we are just starting out. (Healers would be nice)

    ## Staff ##

    Onslaughter - GM
    Grimz/Twinkshatter - Officer
    Potatos - Officer
    Aumnoko - Officer

    ## https://discord.gg/T5whGDZ ##

    As a part of the new year, I've done things in 2017 which I regret and that I did not take the best action for which I as a part of my resolution is to apologise to every one that I wronged.

    Happy New Years and good luck to everyone.
    Edited: January 6, 2018

  2. Looking forward to it, Horde side has no guilds and Alliance side currently has 1 1/2 or so focused on pve, it'd be great to have some 60v60 bgs back.

  3. We had an active playerbase of 7-10 people online!

    We have an MC at 3 PM ST today! Good luck and be there.

  4. After some disagreement with the raids, we the officers have decided that we will implement some new ranks and for the sake of some people divide the guild into people who want to just PvP and people who want to solely PvE. PvP players are NOT required to join raids, but all PvE players are, likewise, PvP players will be required to join any and all PvP events and BGs but PvE players will not be required.

    The new ranks will be:
    OS~Member - PvP/PvE
    OS~Solider - PvP
    OS~Knight - PvE

    Failure to fulfill your rank's duty will result in a demotion or a suspension.
    PvE Ranked Players will get priority on gear that drops from raids.
    Members are second and PvP are last.

    Each rank will have their own special events with their own special rewards specifically designed and specific for those in that rank.

    This will come in effect soon. Post in general what specilization you want to be.
    As quoted from our announcement discord.

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