1. Real population on Icecrown

    Hi guys. Recently started to play on this realm. Overall its ok but... i have some concerns about the population on this realm. I think it's kinda fake. I don't think 12k+1,5k ppl in que plays on this server. I havents seen less than 4,5k, even after dc. That got me thinking and i found video on YT ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6knvLQ14TWk ). THis guys made a test and according to him there are a lot of bots (?!) or emulated players. Could some1 please explain me what is going on ? Is there really that many bots on this server?

  2. there are bots, warmane is taking care of them.
    about the fake population, warmane has always said that the population count you see on the website is accurate

  3. One thing is certain and that is the server ping is rather high, so I wouldn't expect an increase in players anytime soon.

  4. The population is quite real but there are botters as on any realm/server and those are being taken care of.

  5. Maybe logged clients aren't discarded as soon as they logout, so that adds to the number

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