1. Spottman Feat Petraxs Feral rogue 2k2+

    Here is the first volume of our video of Feral rogue that we realized.
    I hope you enjoy.


  2. After "great" animations comes, illustration how stonk human's racial is...

    + burst
    + try moviemaking
    - weak enemy rejpin compilation
    - damn bad cutting
    - recording by feral druid
    - music
    - edit

    Sadly ten years ago people made better videos than this. It looks to me like shoddy work with rush to show people "how good am I" in other way said, gratz to rating but this video is boring trash, try again.

  3. "La critique est aisťe mais l'art difficile" (french saying)

    Dude, this is pretty harsh =/
    why do you need to chose the arrogant way to tell em how to improve? zzz
    you're part of the reason why there are no moviemakers and only streamers nowadays.

    okay u got a point : the video is kind of unedited (not to mention the intro template) so it basicly only shows gameplay...
    and yea, tbc gameplay is ten years old : so it's quite complicated to entertain properly. I assume as feral u have better things to show than cs-ks-trinket-blind-zerg stuff...
    but, on the other hand, in current twitch age, most of ppl are not caring about videcrafting, do they? people catch streams by reading title/rate of the player and that's all. (there arent much pvp moviemakers nowadays cuz most of ppl are streaming+paypal)

    im just reacting for once cuz as a content creator, it's very annoying to read these comment from ppl who are not doing vids themselves to give us a good example of what has to be done/shown.

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