1. Forbit Premade!

    Have to ask this: cant u see this **** all day??? In couse of Premeade BGs its practically just one thing: AFK / Leave - or win. What a boring pvp content ... World of Warcraft is designed for player who dont do anything other as gaming - and those who just wanna play a bit. There is a reason why there are "Rated Battlegounds" and "Random Battlegounds".

    Fun is going down atm couse of ppl who doing dubble premate groups and que together (wtf ... how low). Or a litte bit better: they que with 2 accounds (Horde + Ally) to go offline with on of them lololololol so you have 7 vs 10 couse of 3 offliners what .... the .... **** ....

    I think the only way is to forbit to que with more than 2 ppl in one group. And i swear to you: its much more fun than now!

    In addition: you farm honor gear in bgs .... very usefull to let 5 man 550 gs to que there ...

  2. I understand your frustration but unfortunately, the Warmane staff can only do so much about something like this, as it is considered part of the game.

    Forbidding premades is like forbidding duels or world pvp, it's just not possible, buddy.

  3. yea this would be a nice thing to happen almost every BG your against a premade team or have a few offline or afk on your team, reporting them afk does nothing kinda makes is boring trying to gear when your against full 550 teams
    most BGs are either won or lost in the first fight then the rest of the BG you just stay a ghost or get farmed at GY

  4. Forbidding premades is like forbidding duels or world pvp, it's just not possible, buddy.
    its not the same ... a duel is a one on one action u can choose "yes / no" before u duel. And world pvp is nothing u need to do to get some gear ... But its a rly big problem for a server when the "normal way to gear your charcater" will not work anymore / is that boring / or is that useless cause of discriped reasons. If its not a Problem now, it will be soon. And when this time comes: the server will lost players, u can be sure of this.

    And its not about my frustration, i already have my chars geard to go arena. So i dont need bgs, but if the server wanna grow; others will need. To forbit premated is good for the server, not for my self.

  5. Premades are part of the game,always have been,allways will be. Join a pvp guild that runs premades or make ur own premade on global. Dont try and get something in the game banned coz ur tired of loseing. How do u think all those 550s started off? Same as u, a never ending stream of losses to premades or just against randoms. Dont complain and play the game how it was intended.

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