1. Legendary Weaponsmith [Winners]

    Grand Prize Winner: The Lightblade of Coalescence by nitanita

    Prizes: - Forum title "Legendary Weaponsmith"
    - One specific transmogrification of choice + item (except Legendaries). If on TBC, then you can just choose an item that is available in-game.

    Runner Ups;
    Ash'therod, Seed of Nightmare by zangetsuWTF
    Raz'gris, Flare of the Heavens by bakkhos16

    Prize: Forum title "Legendary Weaponsmith"

    How we chose the winners;
    It was announced that the staff would be choosing a winner, and that person would be getting an extra reward. However, we did not have enough staff votes to make a fair and proper voting, so staff votes were compiled with the community poll to decide a Grand Prize Winner. The community poll by itself (without staff votes) decided the Runner Up winners. We, unfortunately, had to deduct some points from certain weapons due to people trying to cheese the event by making multiple accounts to cast more votes for a particular weapon, which is obviously unfair. However, we feel that ultimately the winners are fair and clear winners.

    Staff votes went as follows;
    Proterean: Stonedbringer by Zolgar2
    Palutena: Pherafane, the Fire Harp by fraqtion
    Agramon: Daudadagr, Greataxe of the Vrykul by Shikyonaito
    Arbiterone: Daudadagr, Greataxe of the Vrykul by Shikyonaito
    Mercy: The Lightblade of Coalescence by nitanita

    Collecting your prize;
    You may message me or Palutena and tell us which forum account you want your title on (emphasis: it is a forum title, not an in-game title), and nitanita you may let us know which expansion & character you want your in-game prize on.

    Congratulations to the winners and good job everyone on the submissions! We had a very large number of EXCELLENT submissions this year, and all of you deserve recognition! Thank you for participating in the event and I hope that you all had fun and enjoy checking out the submissions!

  2. thanks to everyone who voted for me, and congratulations nitanita for winning!

  3. Massive congratulations to nitanita for the grand prize win and to the runner-ups! This event was a lot of fun, even if I felt I didn't have any time to participate in it as much as I wanted to. Looking forward to seeing it again ^_^ Loved seeing people bring out some creativity and original ideas in this fashion.

  4. Congratulations to all the contestants, and a big round of applause to the runner ups!

    A big thank you to both friends and strangers who voted for me, many hours of no sleep, wasted paint and lots sketch-paper went into this project.
    I hope you all enjoyed the story and artwork. (which wasnt nearly as good as alot of the submissions) But I digress, Good job everyone!

    Yours truly,
    Whiskies of Outland

  5. congraz everyone and thx all who voted for me, that was 1st time I design a weapon on computer and its really fun :D
    gotta try it more and make some friends for next year! >.>

  6. Congrats to the winner @nitanita and the runner ups, I suppose I didn't get a good deal of the popular vote lol. I'll try again next year :3

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