1. Icecrown Guild for NA players

    Hello everybody,
    I'm Kelenis, GM of the <JamaicanBobSledTeam>.
    We've found success in helping players from the start with dungeons and truly progressing to build a raid team for ICC 10. We've reached a point where we have too many people showing up for our 10 man raids, but not enough to justify running 25 mans.
    We choose who comes to our raids by-
    Meets Gear Req. > Preferred Raid Comp. > Calendar Sign-up > Need
    Our 10 man group is 12/12 on Normal and 4/12 HC

    English Speaking and Discord when raiding.

    Most people on warmane RO after ~2-3 wipes, but we don't leave until we're convinced we're stuck. Raids can take up to 6 hours.
    Raid time is 11:55 PM ST (Really 12am but then it has to go on the calendar as the next day)
    7 PM EST, 6 PM Central, 5 PM Mountain, 4 PM Pacific.
    If you're interested in joining, contact Kelenis or Traedori in-game!

    Thanks everyone, we're currently no longer raiding. We'll be back one day!
    Edited: May 28, 2018

  2. P.S. this guild is on the Horde faction.

  3. P.S. this guild is on the Horde faction.
    Thanks, forgot about that detail (:

  4. Bump!
    Our Current progress is
    12/12 ICC 10 (x6)
    11/12 ICC 25 (x4)
    1/1 RS25 (x4)

  5. Are you taking in PvP only casual players? I'm 6.1k Resto Dudu and I play an hour or two a day in mornings - CST.

  6. We don't do any kind of organized PVP events but if you're just looking to join for the community or to find other people that may share the same interest in PVP that wouldn't be a problem.

    Edit: Wrong account

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