1. hack in bg ?

    hi guys i m here to talk about the use of engineering items in bgs like goblin glider and paratchutes while carrying the opposite faction flag in bgs like twin peaks and warsung glutch . i dont think that the use of parachute is legal , or usable while carrying flag. but i see 1 horde guy using it . and crossing half the map and winning the bg and trolling . i guess GM's have an eye on him and he gonna get banned for it. AS on retail u cant use those things while carrying flag.
    want to know about your opinions and correct me if i m wrong. but atleast bg's should be fair. thank you.

  2. It's legal ...... as long as profession devices and tinkers work in a BG it will not be considered as cheating ...... its just like tailors using net traps ...... you just have to deal with it ...... it's a part of the game......

    i suggest you take on engineering and do the same thing yourself ...... or get them rocket boots .... you will be unstopable

  3. Using goblin gilder would be abusing but thats have been fixed , using parachute , is same as mage slow fall so then they would have to ban all players who play mage by that logic.

  4. I'm not sure if its allowed or not,but personally i don't mind it as it brings more diversity to the gameplay and its fun as hell.

    Also a note - I don't have it but i'd sure use it if i had engineering!

  5. i don't see any fun . using paratchute while having flap and crossing half the map without any trouble ...............

  6. That is the only one advantage horde has. It is intended to be like that, using nitro boots tho will drop the flag instantly and that's how it currently is.

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